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Player model gets tilted after specific weapon deployment scenario
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Player model gets tilted forward after I press V (Step over) while having weapon deployed being prone on a slope facing down.
Ok, I know this might sound confusing, but describing this might be tough for me, so maybe a video will help:


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Weapon Stabilization
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have a weapon equipped.
  2. Prone on a slope facing down. (The steeper the slope the bigger the tilt)
  3. Deploy the weapon.
  4. Press "Step over" key (default V). (It should undeploy the weapon).
  5. Stand up and notice in 3rd person camera how your player model is tilted.
Additional Information

To fix this, simply deploy the weapon anywhere and undeploy by any way other than pressing V.
Video demonstration:

After more testing I noticed it works also while facing up on a slope, it's just that location in the video that it doesn't work there while facing up.

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Same happend if deploy the weapon downhill and press the move key (W), seems the VectorDirAndUp get lost.

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I can't seem to reproduce it with "W". Always resets to a proper stance.

it's not always.. i will upload video if i get it next time.

Also very similar bug: #0023904

Confirming with M (Map) and V, working with W,A,S,D in current DEV Version

I sort of want it not fixed. Its just looks funny. XD

This can be abuse real bad. Do as said in the video but looking up the elevation and mount and Vault. Then go to a flat surface and place rest the gun on the ground. Your entire body is hidden except for the head and gun. So you can shoot out while your body is protected.

Still present in the 1.48

Still present in 1.50.
I also sort of kinda don't want this bug fixed. Me and my friends do it when we are messing around for fun.

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Fixed in 1.52

Going to miss this bug. T_T