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Flare and Flashlight should more brighter than now
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when i use the Flare and Flashlight in game

i feel this is no diffrence when we're didn't pop the Flare or use Flashlight

to compared with NVG there's no advantage to use Flare or Flashlight

i thinks Flare and Flashlight Both things should be more brighter than now

P.S : i attached some files to prove my words {F26066} {F26067}


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pop some flare or turn on your weapon attached flashlight in full of darkness

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Subscribers to this bug should also realize, Bug #18397 "Flares are useless" (along side Bug #9319 "Flashlight is too dim...") is also relevant to this bug.

In brief, this bug should also be marked a duplicate of Bug #18397, but there's probably only one slot for specifying one bug number.

The "Resolved" status is kind of a misnomer. More like "Resolved" due to being a Duplicate. However I've already pointed this out within another post, and the status itself should state "Duplicate" to prevent comments wrongly assuming.

It has the resolution has "Duplicate".

If I'm not mistaken, it's easily mistaken for being resolved or being fixed. (When one resolves something, something is usually fixed.)


Instead, Status should likely show "Closed" and marked as "Duplicate" instead of "Resolved". Basically semantics is involved here, and I think Bugzilla also uses the more easily understood marking of showing a bug "Closed" and "Marked as duplicate" status. (However, some do not mind others wrongly assuming incorrect meanings. Shrugs.)