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Sonic cracks can be heard from too far away
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Sonic cracks are heard from extreme ranges (see screenshot). This results in players being very confused as to who is being shot at as you don't expect to hear the cracks of shots several hundred meters away.

It got so bad that the sounds of the shooters gun (Mar-10) could be heard from 500m before the sonic crack could be heard. Meaning the gun shot sound reaches the listener before the crack does. This can only happen if the crack sound is further away than the shooter. {F26062}


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Have someone shoot at you with varying distances.

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From my understanding, the MAR-10 uses .338 Lapua Magnum which travels more than twice the speed of sound which is supersonic. The sound cracks from certain distances would depend on the Cartridges used.

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To be clear, it is not distance that is the problem, but angle. When you're getting cracks over your head, but the shot is actually 50 degrees away from you, it gets quite confusing.

I cant see any problems the picture you made is exactly or better a really good comparison to the reallife weapons. What i miss is sound reflection but its something BI can do later. Because then a sniper in a town is untraceble even without a silencer.