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Why Say You Added Content, Yet You Removed Content ?
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Why say we've received new scopes, Yet you remove the most important scope from the game? SOS scope needs to be placed back in the game, also the Scopes received. are Piss Poor, No long to medium range, none that can be used with night vision, this is Crap. Why is it every time you guys do an update good features get removed as well as content, for more Broken Crap. Fatigue is worse than ever, Most Servers will not allow the Night Stalker because of the Infrared and Auto Zeroing. Now Releasing a variant of this Night Vision only and Infrared with No Auto Zeroing, as well as the one with both would be good for the Game creators. But to take out a good option of long range scope, that has Iron sight, to put in a crap low rang is once again 10 steps back. Stop Adding useless content and removing good content.... Start Optimizing the game, as of now this game does not run on the minimum spec's that are posted.

Not Fair for anyone to remove a liked and Useful Scope please put the SOS scope back


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It appears that the SOS scope had its name changed to MOS with its crosshairs modified too. The SOS scope was basically a LRPS but with an Iron Sights on top of it. They might of changed it since both SOS and LRPS were identical when aiming down sight.

Should have left the SOS alone the MOS is shit.

The MOS is not the SOS, the Crosshairs are not the same and some of us players prefer the crosshairs of the SOS.

The SOS was changed since it's crosshairs and ranging were exactly the same as the LRPS

Adam added a comment.Apr 10 2015, 1:06 PM

SOS was redesigned and renamed to MOS for the exact reasons that 338Caliber stated above.

/The MOS is Not The SOS, The Range is only half Of what the SOS had, the Crosshairs or too thin and No Center point for targeting. The SOS Scope was a perfect option and other choice from the LRPS, Please do not consider this resolved. This is unjust to just say we redesigned it and changed the name when this sis not what you did. You removed it and replaced it with a Low Grade Medium Range Scope.

Why not redesign and rename the LRPS instead of the SOS? I realize they were almost identical, but the iron sight option on the SOS made it the perfect scope for any sniper. With the LRPS equipped, you're dependant on the third-person crosshair if an enemy suddenly appears up close - if the server even has third-person enabled.

In other words, any chance of the LRPS getting an iron sight added?

Scope Magnifications

DMS: 2x-4x
MOS: 2.5x-5x
AMS: 3x-10x
Kahila: 5x-11x
LRPS: 6x-25x

I would suggest using the Kahila or AMS scopes if you want a 2 sight, fairly long range scope as the Kahila has an Iron Sight and the AMS with the RDS sight on top of it. This is if you have purchased the Marksmen DLC.