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Vehicle repair is completely unrealistic!
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Now repair specialist can repair nearly destroyed vehicle in 1 second. Even arcade games better simulates reality in this sphere. Vehicle repair should take some time.


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Adam, is "acknowledged" state means that you are not going to change something regarding 1 second repair?

No, that means that there is somewhere a feature request now, below the giant batch of many other requested features and improvements. And for everyone, HIS (or her) feature request is of coursethe most important.

zealot added a comment.Apr 9 2015, 3:01 PM

I think if just add time delay while repair and add some kind of progress bar - such work will not consume much time from developers, but greatly improves gameplay and immersion. Several time time ago, I made this by script (, but this should be already in game engine, to look naturally. And I believe, community needs more support from BIS regarding various repair abilities. Now it is too hard to implement complete replacement addon for repair, it is too much imbedded into game engine.

The problem is, that current animations are not interruptable afaik. So, long repair animations will render you helpless; for the same reason there is currently no revive animation in Endgame mode.

Then again, you would have to design an interruptable repair process (e.g. hitpoints slowly counting up on individual components during repair animations).

Once all this is solved you'd have a workable solution (in-engine). So either you don't make any animation at all, but have a progress bar and make it an interruptable process, or it won't be an "easy fix" at all.

I think the progress bar in this case is necessary.
So difficult to make animations interruptible?

  1. Maybe just to not use animation while repairing. Player just take "repair" pose like current "open inventory" pose in game. From my POV it is good, playable solution.
  1. Problem with interruptable repair process could be soved the following way: AFAIK when engineer repairing vehicle damage of all its parts is set to 0, while hull

damage remains the same (it could be repaired only by repair vehicle). We can just decide that each part requires 1 second to repair 0.1 damage (e.g.). So
engineer while repair begins to add 0.1 hp each damaged part of a vehicle each second. These parameters (1 second, 0.1 damage should be also made configurable for addon-makers).

AmovPknlMstpSrasWrflDnon_diary animation would fit for such "repair pose".

Given the fact that it must be long, exellent animation for repair

@mickeyman, yes, I know. But since player cannot interrupt that animation while its playing, it cannot be used for human players. It intended only for AI and cutscenes now.

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Definitely agree. Even Battlefield has longer repair times :-D.

There should be possibility similar to fatique system when talking about infantry.

Note that a repair at a repair bay is assumed to be the amount of time taken to switch to another vehicle not actually repair it.

The game has two repair variants and both variants,unfortunately look very bad.

  1. Repairs using the engineer:

I think necessary Add the normal animation of repair, instead of self-treatment animation.
Required significantly reduce and fix the distance to the repair target, because damaged vehicle cannot be repaired at a distance of several meters.
Necessary to significantly increase the repair time of any vehicle (probably depending on specific damages)
If the player-engeneer starts the repair, then the AI-driver is not supposed to leave from this repair.

  1. Repairs using the repair vehicle:

If a player is repaired his vehicle using the repair-vehicle, then damaged vehicle of the player, should be located near to repair vehicle. In this case, the damaged vehicle is repaired automatically within only several second. Again nonsense!
Such stupid arcade repairs are not for game-simulator!
Who repairs the damaged vehicle, if the player sits inside damaged vehicle and if inside the repair-vehicle no one!?

Necessary add the repair animation also and prolong repair time.
The best solution - is to add a status bar of repair progress.
The player should come out of damaged vehicles and use the repair animation also.
Or any repair-car in the game, needs have a engineer, who has to repair allied vehicle automatically(if damaged vehicle is near), using repair animation.