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Add High Command functionality to Zeus
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Zeus is a great addition to ARMA 3, but I feel it could use some extra features.

I would propose a module that gives Zeus players the ability to easily assign multiple players as High Commanders and place or remove Zeus-placed forces under their command.

First to provide some context: Some of us, like myself, prefer playing ARMA with close friends rather than on big open servers and unfortunately don't have alot of friends that like ARMA (I know only two other people that like ARMA) or just dont feel comfortable commiting to an ARMA unit or clan full of strangers.

I like missions where I can feel a part of an army, logistics and all! When I play Zeus missions with my friends, I spend alot of time trying to transfer that same feeling to the players.

The ability for the zeus to easily assign players as High Commanders with each their own subordinate units would go a long way to accomplishing that and reduce the micro managing load on the Zeus and still give small player groups a sense of hierarchy and organisation and the ability to play company-style missions.

I think High Command is one of the most underrated features in ARMA II and III and it really deserves some love!


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A mission concept using the proposed functionality, imagine this being played by around five people:

A mission where the whole map is contested with enemy AI forces and the players are commisioned officers in some invading army all under the command of a general (the zeus player). The players must use their starting forces to do a naval landing, after which the zeus will assign them reinforcements and give them further orders ("Player 1: Take your platoon and hold this town!" etc). Imagine everytime a player platoon takes a town, the Zeus gets resources to call in additional forces or support. Thus begins an interesting mission involving strategy and tactics on a larger scale than what these few players otherwise could have played.

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This is an excellent idea. We need further integration of High Command into the rest of Arma 3's features, and tweaking HC accordingly for a fluid experience.

Yes, indeed. At the moment, HC is a very left out, almost forgotten feature in my opinion.