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please give AI ability to heal themselves if they have a FAK
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ive noticed that AI do not want to heal themselves nor seek medical attention.
they always wait for the squad leaders orders.. i.e.

"2. patch yourself up"

i think if the AI damage is below a certain point they should automatically heal themselves with the first aid kit they normally come with.

for example anything below 50% possibly.


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go on stratis
place 2 or 3 units
injure the units by shooting their legs or something
watch how the AI does not heal themselves.
and wait for your order.

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Adam added a comment.Apr 8 2015, 9:30 AM

AI is able to heal itself when it is acting alone. But if it is a subordinate in a group, you need to order it to heal. This is a correct behaviour and not an issue.

Thank you for your feedback

"you need to order it to heal"

For the player could do it, he should know that the AI is wounded!
But very often the AI is silent and does not report the injury! For this reason, the player not always can order the AI to use self-medication.
The problem described here:

If the AI was able to treat himself, without orders then that would solve the problem