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You can join servers with custom glasses on your profile that produces errors
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This one its and old one, i think since at least A2. The problem its that there is no check for the glasses that you select on your profile so it lets you to have some inesistent glases when joining a server. Even if you join with a unmoded client to a unmoded server with, if the profile has stored a non existen glass name it will trigger.

It ends with terrible conquenses sometimes:


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How people usually cause it:
1- Load some kind of mod that adds custom glasses
2- Select any of the custom glasses on your profile and save it.
3- Exit the game
4- Load the game without addons
5- Join a vanila server without addons
6- Profit.... all the server will get a annoying message, "no entry 'config.bin/cfgGlasses.NAME_OF_YOUR_CUSTOM_GLASSES'"

Alternate metod:
Instead you can also just eddit your profile with a text editor and set a random name on the glasses field.

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I agree this is annoying and can disturb gameplay.

Nice to see that it has been assigned. :)