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ASP-1 KIR accuracy
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KIR its garbage.... PWD with silencer have better accuracy!!!! Its "sniper" weapon can miss to infantry on 250-400 meters.... WTF!?


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Spread of this bullets = 1 MOA (30mm spread on 100 meters). in game i see spread like 5 MOA!!!!!

Iam check guns on bots.... one bot team have kir, other have pdw-2000....... pdw always win on any distances......

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as a purpose built "sniper" the accuracy needs to improve dramatically. granted it is a sub sonic gun, but that doesn't mean it should be inaccurate. with the proper scope (one used on the VSS vintorez) this gun should be VERY accurate. example real subsonic special ammo. its 100 meters.

FIX ACCURACY! no disbalance! anyway bullet cant fly longer then 600 meters!
ITS UNFAIR because new MAR-10 can used with silencer (dont tell me about noise level, you cannot detect position by sound - sonic bullet cracks hide muzzle noise), and this have high accuracy. and one shoot kill like kir.

What did you just said you cannot localize a gunner with his shot? There is a small formula for the imperial system that every sniper knows.You CAN calculate the distance to the shooter by counting the time between shot and crack. Its usefull until 1000m. When the shooter is closer than 100m this time gets to small but than you should see dirt flying up etc. This formula even applies on time between hit and crack where you just say the velocity is 1000mps.