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ARMA 3 not allowing my mods
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so I opened up Arma today and the new Launcher appeared (Was not Notified).

so i thought my mods were still active its just a launcher.


its like a full reset now I cant Use my Mods because Problems I Never had before this Launcer are now affecting ALL of my mods and i cannot play...

Is there a way to keep the update but piss the launcer settings off?


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WOW!!!! now steam after a restart has completely Removed ARMA 3 from my system

Please give me a code to remove the LAUNCHER

And Future Updates please dont Affect Current Prelaunch settings

Adam added a comment.Mar 27 2015, 8:59 AM


you can use the -nolauncher launch option to launch ARMA without the launcher.

Right click ARMA 3 in your steam library -> Properties -> General -> Set launch options

Thank you

Well That Advise didnt help Mods still do not come up in Ingame Configuration...

Cant Run a Realism Unit without the Mods...

Seems BIStudios should Make an ARMA 4 Australian Forces....

wouldnt need mods then I could just use Vanilla

Adam added a comment.Mar 27 2015, 10:03 AM

You can use the launcher to load up your mods. If you do not want to use the launcher you can set up your mods as usual.

Thank you.

May I Refer you Adam to my First Initial Post...

Manualy Installed Files Through the launcher do not Work All Mods have a supposed Error or Config Error...

And Even Through the Ingame Config None of my Mods Show like before.

Errors that Never revealed themselves on ARMA Before The Launcher Magicaly Appeared, they did work Tip Top untill then.

All im asking is there a way to move all my prelaunch settings back to Before this Poorly Programed Launcher.

Its affecting Gameplay and im having no luck with your little help.

Adam added a comment.Mar 30 2015, 9:50 AM


Could you please attach latest .RPT and Launcher . RPT you can locate ARMA Rpts here C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

And launcher .Rpts here C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Launcher\logs

Launcher is boring.
I had an icon linked to Arma3.exe and no need to start the launcher (except see below). Since few days, icon is directed to launcher! Why this totalitarianism?
I had to re-create a shortcut.
The fact is launcher & Steam subscription list are linked. If you update your own mods with Arma3 tools, and have them in your Steam subscription, these mods will not be updated until you launch the launcher. That's the only thing, it serves me:

  • I update my addon scripts, pbo them with Arma3 tools,
  • use Arma3 tools publisher,
  • open launcher to upload my own addon (syncing in fact),
  • close launcher,
  • start Arma without this mess.