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AI vehicles run over friendlies
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AI vehicles run over friendlies like an enemy! they never even reduce their speed, run fast over infantries, this issue is suffering since alpha release and never got better.


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just put some vehicles such mraps or apcs and some infantry squad near them, or even make them one group which units move like mechanized squad, and see that most of units will die before reach next waypoint because of AI drivers just run over them.

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I was sitting on the ground in a helo (Orca), and one of my AI squad members tried to drive through me in a main battle tank. It was as if I wasn't there.

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it's got much better.

after investigating more I see AI vehicles are much better but AI infantries do wrong job! they often don't care nearby moving vehicles and run to their sides and take damage or die.

Well, yesterday I've noticed that the AI drivers too still run over your men. The problem is still there even if it's been improved.

Specially problem is sticked with tracked vehicles. But wheeled isnt much better. There is some small addon fixing this @RYD Liability Insurance, search on Armahollic. I need to use Vcom_Driving_Ai and this RYD to play like a humand, but this still need a work... Specially frustrating when i order AI infantry to get in vehicle, and they are stopping and shooting to enemy on foot (most recentyl die while this), or ai driver in tank cannot drive backward - gosh, i swear, there wasnt so much and serious problem with any game before, we are playing some fu**in beta? Its most important features and its simply doesnt work.... SINCE GODDAM 2 YEARS!

Yea vlad_8011 ai tank driver has serious issues when player order him backward he just shake tank and barely move back or move at very low speed while shaking!
maybe you wanna create a new ticket for that issue.