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Problem with the save and load after I shot bulb in a street lamp.
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A street lamp with a shot light bulb before I save, is still shining after I reload.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor, place soldier in a city and set the time to night.
  2. Go near a street lamp and shoot the light bulb, then the street lamp is off.
  3. Save.
  4. Load.

The street lamp is on, again.

Additional Information

This issue appeared in 1.38 version. In SP missions is very upsetting, especially in the night when you have to fight the enemies do not have NVgoogles and you want to have an advantage.

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Still no correction of this very annoying problem after 1.44 and 1.46 and hotfix updates. Not to mention about hundreds of another corrupted things with Sniper DLC and the last 2-3 updates. I am very disappointed with the Steam version of ArmA III which can not downgrade to 1.36. I bought all the stuff of OFP, ArmA, ArmA II in retail variant. But ArmA III (without DLCs) from Steam is a mess. But from now I'll be very circumspect to buy something from BIS.

It's very important to correct this bug very annoying in SP missions where you save and load the mission.

Now, with the "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xC0000005)" bug apeared with 1.50, the "save/load-shoot bulb" bug is realy annoying. It so hard to take a look in saving mission mechanism, to see what is wrong there?

Still no progress? Well its definetly strange, good that this is asigned, but bad, it isnt fixed since 1.40 (6 updates ago)

Adam, I don't see any reference in Development Branch Changelog for this very important bug apeared with 1.38 update. Why? You want more votes? I thing you can judge and decide with your mind, not with number of votes.
At least tell us, please, a way to return to a previous update. In Arma and Arma 2 retail I could. I promise never again to buy a game in the first two years after the appearance. I'll just play took torrents, until will be perfect. From torrents I can choose what update I want.
I have all it was published with OFP and ARMA, retail variant, but never I got angry so much.
With this idiot 1.50 update, to each load after crash to desktop, I have all the lights on street as new, although I shot them previously the save. Moreover, there is some light bulletproof, they can not be destroyed by anything, nor rammed with tank, but that's another issue.

Its obvious that for more than a year and a half, every update fixes some bugs and adds new bugs. But when appear a very big one like that, we expect to be corrected at soon as possible, to not ruin the gameplay.

Yes. And I like to play a s.p. mission where many opponents haven't NVGoggles (Pilgrimage by Rydygier, second place at Make Arma Not War) and I can't have the advantage of NVGs in cities.

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Oh well, kind of defeats the purpose of having a power outage script in missions as well.

I hope it gets fixed before its birthday.