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Cannot Access to Options
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Randomly in game, most often while game is in big action i cannot go to "Options" in pause menu. Just clicking it and nothing happens and its endless. I need to restart mission couple of times. I also noticed big fps drop siince last update while big battle is going. I repeat same mission in editor as before update.


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Create some big battle and click (esc), try to get to "options"

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This was hapening since 1.32 or 1.34 but now happen everytime when game is strong occupying CPU

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When the FPS is low, the menus take longer to update.

I'm clicking and NOTHING happens, i can wait till i get old. But i figuret out what is needed to do - maybe this will help a little. When this sh*t happen, switch to desktop (ctr + alt + del) and select task manager (a cant use alt + tab - its simply doesnt working) then get back to game - options should have opened subcategories (video, audio, game, controls). Its not depend on FPS exacly. Its something with GPU. I have FPS counter in right upper corner and when you click (esc) and open pause window game is turning to 100+fps. Off course i was testing it with Vsync off and on - same resoult.

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this issue happens to me too in some of missions (without mod of course).

Yeah, its not connected with mod as far as i know. I would help BI, but i have no permission to modify game files and publicly share them.....

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thank you for submitting the ticket. Could you please upload a simple repro mission displaying the problem? It would be a big help.

Thank you.

Just do something to get less FPS (some big action with lot of AI) and try to fight, i'm sure it will happen. There is no potential option for repro, you just need to play with much charged/loaded (requiring unexisting strong enough CPU) maps

Yes maybe, this issue happened for me two times in two different scenario after long time of playing, both missinos were vanilla ofcourse, without using mod, one of them was "antistasi" mission in steam workshop.

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Confirmed, happen to me now, after loading savegame.