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Deployment of weapon impossible after saving
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I have two issues when trying to reload a game (saved during the same session and thus with the same version of arma):
1)if the saving occured when the weapon was deployed, after loading, the player is stuck in an animation with no possibilities of exiting that state.
2)Whatever the state when saving, deploying weapons (with bipod or not) is not possible after loading.

I did not use any addon and tested on showcase missions.


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End Game - Gameplay
Steps To Reproduce

First problem:

  1. Play a showcase mission
  2. Deploy your weapon
  3. Save


Second Problem:

  1. Play a showcase mission
  2. Save
  3. load
  4. Try to deploy your weapon

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This seems also to be the case when entering and exiting ZEUS.
Not always reproducible, but the effect is the same, player is unable to do any actions other than go back and forth from deployed state.