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U.S forces should use OCP or MARPAT, not MTP.
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Now, if this were any other game, it would not be important; but considering ArmA is a military simulator, Bohemia should get this right. MTP is used by UK's Armed forces, but not by the U.S. Please, do still use the MTP in-game; but just for the UK Armed forces. U.S Armed forces, on the other hand use Marpat or OCP.

MARPAT Example :
OCP Example :
Vanilla Arma 3 :


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Its called "MTP" but its actually Scorpion cammo. So yes, its actually accurate.

While MTP is Multicam, The U.S Armed Forces use their own version of Multicam: OCP. So yes, it is Scorpion camouflage; but it's the one that the U.K uses.

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The UK uses multipattern.

Right. The UK uses their own multicam, which is Multipatter, or MTP. The U.S uses their own multicam as well, which is Operational Camouflage Pattern, or OCP.

You got there the original Multicam which OCP "isn't"

this is the proper OCP

it does look similar to Multicam but if you look closely then you will notice that the camo is slightly different

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Then what's the problem the ticket talks about?

Right, but I was just providing a example of what it would closely resemble. If Bohemia would change the U.S's camo from MTP to OCP, it would look a bit like that, and not like how it currently is.

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But the US is right now using scorpion in-game

@Dr Death, the problem is that the U.S' soldiers in-game use a British camo, MTP, and not their own, OCP. According to in-game, they wear MTP, not OCP.

It's a poetic license, like most of the stuff in the game.
Why are they not using M4s? Why isn't the Abrams their tank? Etc etc
It's not accurate because it's not intended so, like it or not.

The NATO units wear multicam, it's just called MTP ingame because the name "Multicam" is copyrighted.

The ingame pattern itself isn't the same as real-life British MTP (the splotches are a different shape on real MTP), it just shares the name because "Multi Terrain Pattern" is a pretty generic name that describes the pattern well.

Right, but OCP, or Operational Camouflage Pattern, isn't copyrighted. And Multi-Terrain Pattern is to British as Operation Camouflage Pattern is to the U.S.

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Check the images, you will find out that the US its NOT using the MTP. I checked this several times, even compared it to the multicam, and they are using the Scoprion cammo, wich its a lot like the multicam, but for some reason its way cheaper.

The in-game name calls it MTP, but it may not look like MTP. The proper name for it would be OCP.

Here you can see OCP next to MTP:

OCP or not, they can't use the name.

Why is that? They use MTP just fine, I'm sure they can use OCP. Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) isn't a trademarked name.

You don't specifically play as US in arma 3. It's NATO and in the future. You cannot say it's 100% wrong whatever the case.

Weird, considering they have the U.S flag patch on their plate carriers and uniforms.

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They are US Army units. We just don't see any other countries' units in the game aside from CTRG, which now appears to be a multi-national taskforce.

The US Army will be using Scorpion W2 by 2018. Scorpion W2 is much darker than the pattern we have in-game currently, and has no vertical lines.