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Would be good to have onscreen display of health and stamina.
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As the title says, it'd be good to have an indication onscreen as to what your current health and stamina levels are.


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Health could be depicted by colouring areas of the stance indicator in red to represent areas of damage (arm, leg, head, torso etc...). If your bloke turns all red, you're dead.

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battle royale mod has that... and it`s obsolete imo.

there is enough (and good) indication both on screen and your abilities as to how hurt and/or fatigued you are.

After playing through the SP campaign, the stamina issue is still a problem for me.

If you're exhausted and need to run across open cover, you need to know whether you are fully recovered or still partly exhausted. No good if you get half way across open cover only to find you're not fully rested and end up having to stroll the rest of the way.

In real life you'd know exactly what your energy levels are, in the game the panting and loss of peripheral vision is too subtle to tell you what your energy levels are.

Damage indication not so much of a problem, but fatigue levels are too subtly indicated.

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a lot of Mods out they do this for you. So BIS can fix huge problems first.