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Allow option for self healing to 100% via FAK (Single Player Campaign)
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I've been playing for about a week now (single player campaign), and really wish there was an option to self heal to 100% using the First Aid Kit.

As it stands it seems you can only heal yourself to 75% of full health, meaning that from that point onwards you can't aim properly, you have very little stamina, and you end up grunting (like a pornstar - as others have mentioned).

For me personally, I'd rather have a configurable option to allow self healing to take you to 100%. Maybe make FAKs harder to come by to compensate? But for me, I find it frustrating that if you get hit early in a mission, you know you're faced with playing the remainder of the mission in a nerfed state.


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play single player campaign mission.
  2. Get slightly shot.
  3. Heal yourself.
  4. Wheeze, moan, limp and partially blackout for the remainder of the mission or death, whichever comes sooner.

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OP is easymode-warrior and does not know ARMA is a milsim and not an arcade shooter like bf or cod.

check out his other tickets he opened today!

OP I suggest you stop trying here to have the game made easier for you and chose a game better suiting your needs. Or atleast PLAY MORE THAN A WEEK and MORE THAN SINGLEPLAYER please =)

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You need a medic that can completely heal you. Teamwork is the key (at least an AI medic).

csathdfw - your note is quite insulting and patronizing.

FYI I played about 400 hours of the original Operation Flashpoint and it's various extensions.

Have bought and played Arma and Arma 2. Have just started playing Arma 3.

The feedback I have placed here are my first impressions of the game based on much experience of previous titles, so please don't tell me to play for more than a week. I'm fully aware that this is a "milsim", but it's still a game and not real life.

I don't play multiplayer, therefore my experience will only ever be with single player.

In single player there are plenty of missions where you don't have a medic, and no matter how careful you are you're going to take a hit at some point. The fact that you cannot heal in that case leaves you very little option but to restart the mission.

So much no. There are reasons why you can't magically heal yourself back to full health after getting shot.
Some common sense please.

But a medic can magically heal you back to 100% after being shot?

Where does common sense come into it?

The way it is now promotes teamwork and strategy. If everyone could heal themselves up to 100 % using FAKs, the medic would no longer be needed, and we would see more one-man armies.

Thanks RandomPlayer but my scenario applies to single player missions.

In those you often don't have any choice to be a one man army, especially as the AI isn't that great and your AI squad members are experts at getting themselves killed.

Take the example of the single player campaign mission where you're washed up on an island on your own with only a pistol, no armour, and no map. Really sucks on that mission to spend an hour stealthing your way around the patrols, only to get hit from a great distance and either spend the rest of the mission nerfed and groaning or be faced with replaying it all again.

Same for SP missions where you don't have a medic. One hit and you're useless.

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Ticket has 9 dislikes and 0 likes as of writing this note

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I feel like a wimp in Arma 3 when I use a FAK, I used to play through OFP and Arma campaigns without using any healing at all. I remember crawling a whole mission in ArmA because my legs were hit. It's a challenge, it's supposed to be difficult and 100 % healing anywhere and anytime defeats the purpose of this game, you might as well just use "this allowDamage false;". If you want full healing create a action close to a bunk bed or something.


paste this in init field of the player

0 = this addEventHandler ["HandleHeal", {
_this spawn {

		_injured = _this select 0;
		_healer = _this select 1;
		_damage = damage _injured;
		if (_injured == _healer) then {
			waitUntil {damage _injured != _damage};
			if (damage _injured < _damage) then {
				_injured setDamage 0;


This should fix you to 100% every time. Can I close this as resolved?

OP, I apologize if my wording to get my point across insulted you.

It would be fine if they added it as a difficulty option that would be enabled only on Recruit.

I would agree with everybody else, But AI is terrible and unreliable in SP campaign. They are actually a liability when trying to use guerrilla tactics. I have been spotted so many times because of them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an easy mode. Arma 3 is all about options. Who cares if people don't play it the way you do. Nobody is forcing you to play with them. Adding this option to the game under recruit or regular has no effect on your experience whatsoever.

Let people have an easy ride and get hooked. Then show them what Arma is really about. This isn't life, it's a game.

Notice OP's title "Singleplayer Campaign". This is nothing more than a script that BIS needs to add on easy just for the campaign. It wouldn't be an engine changing feature.

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I honestly disagree, when arma 3 uses an actually not shitty and oversimplified injury sistem then maybe someone could fix himself to full health based on the injury itself, but so far i think this method works.

This is a joke, +1 dislike

With this many down votes, Bohemia isn't going to do anything like that.
Your best option is to get a mod or find a way to enable the debug console in single-player, then use Killzone_Kid's method, change the "this" on the right of the = to player, then it should work fine.

Though, there may no be a mod that enables the debug console in the campaign, and you may need to do it yourself...

Or even easier, make a mod and change the values in CfgDifficulties, launch game with mod - done.