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Stance adjustments not working since update
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Since the the fine stance adjustments no longer work both with mods and in vanilla. I can lay down, crouch, and stand up but I can no longer fine tune the stance adjustments at all. For example, CTRL + W, CTRL + S, CTRL + A, and CTRL + D only make me move forward and back etc. rather than change my stance.
I did try this while holding weapons.


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Launch any single player or multi-player game and test the stance adjustments and the same issue occurs.

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can you please make sure that you have the controls mapped in your settings? They were unhardcoded from the engine recently and it is possible that it was detached in your controls settings.

I have the same Problem. I will try the tip of iceman even if I don't understand what he means exactly.

Apologies in advance, I don't really know what I'm doing.

I could not find any reference to fine stance adjustments in my controls settings despite picking through every category with a fine-toothed comb. I wondered if the settings for my existing profile were corrupted, so I tried to create a new profile, only to have the same issue. I searched within the text file for my profile (the text file found in C:\Users\mywindowsusername\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\myarmaprofilename\myarmaprofilename.arma3profile) and found no content related to keybindings, despite that a friend of mine located his keybinding information in his own version of that same file.

My friend sent me his list of keybindings and I added that to my profile file and found that stance adjustments work for me after doing so.

To be more clear, here were the contents of that text file as I found it:

Here is what I added to the file, as supplied by the friend:

This has solved the issue for me for the time being.

I have the same problem, in the steam forum there is like a tone of posts complaining about stance adjustment problem, I was trying to find that control in the game control settings but I could not find the button responsible for it in game control setting. This is such a game breaking bug, I did not expect it to have such an impact on the game, it seems like the stance feature is a very important feature in Arma 3.

Just go in your profile .cfg file. Keybinding is blank. Put in 29 for LCTRL. Seems like someone forgot to make sure it was still in in-game menu.

I am not a programmer. I mean People give here nice tips but I don't know how I can open the config-files. I hope bohemia will help People that can not programme.
Further I can not understand why Iceman need more Information, the case is clear.

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Opening a config file (documents/Arma3/yournickname.Arma3Profile) has nothing to do with programming.

Just open it with the default notepad (or notepad++) and search for "keyAdjust[]={". There should be the number 29 between those {}

If not, than insert it and save the file.

If you can handle a pc and can install and start games, you should be able to open and manipulate config files.


Its not programming.

Thank you for the tips. I will try to open the file again. The problem is that when I want to open the file the Computer says with which program I want to open the file.
I solved the Problem in another way. A friend of me sends me his file!
Nevertheless I will try again to open the file. I will look if I can open it.
Further Bohemia should solve this problem, is not a job of players to correct files.

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Same issue here. Did a fresh install of Arma 3 because I've upgraded my system and wasn't able to do any stance adjustments. Manually changing the profile file solved my problem.

Changed it from:

keyAdjust[]={};   - to -    keyAdjust[]={29};
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@Iceman: what do you mean by unhardcoded ? Seems the other way around to me:
Before I was using mouse button 4 for stance adjustment. Removing that key binding in favor of the new stance up/down/left/right practically made it impossible to bind the mouse button 4 because you can't re-create that combination anymore. There is no way to bind mouse button 4, 5 etc. together with another key for stance up/down etc.
Please put the stance modifier key back in or improve control options to allow using all mouse buttons in combination with keys.

I'm having trouble appreciating the removal of a 'control' mapping/binding option that has been here from the start.

I would agree with either putting it back or improving the control options to be inclusive of options we now don't have. Doing both would be pro I suppose.

What does the 29 Stand for when you edit the file in notepad? I got a new mouse and ran into this issue last night while trying to keybind the Adjust feature to my side mouse button as I had it before,
Is the 29 just to set it to Left Ctrl as was default?
If so does anyone know what number the Delete/. on the numpad would be?


Same bug in all my community.

Could anyone please check if the issue is fixed for him on Steam Dev version?
You can find how to change to Steam Dev here:

Just checked it out, it is still not proper.

You can assign mouse buttons, but you still cannot assign a mouse button in combination with another key.

The current default is 'LCtrl + W (A/D/S)'. What people are asking for is the ability to either map 'separately' the modifier key to whatever they choose, and that work with WADS. As it was before.

Or, allow for combination mappings for mouse buttons with WADS. Example being 'MouseBtn4 + W'.

Now that I think about it, having a 'Stance Modifier Key' again, along with being able to set the 'specific' key for each direction of stance, would be about as complete as one could make it.

So someone with a gaming pad or mouse with a bazillion buttons can tweak it out however they like.

^^ Exactly as Hatchet said above, Please bring back the Adjust Control as it was before so that we can go back to using a mouse button to modify stance, I did find a way to fix my issue and still use the mouse button by going into the .cfg file but it used to be so easy, please bring it back as it was before

I changed to the dev branch and the fine stance adjustment issue was solved for me.

Cheers, thanks for feedback.

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It's working for me without any manual changes. I checked that config file, and keyadjust was 29.

So is this concerning only some players?

PS. And no i don't have devbranch on.