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Running with binoculars is too fast
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Running and sprinting with binoculars in hand is stupidly fast and drains very little stamina.

This is extremely unrealistic, considering that you are still carrying all the weight of all your gear, and that there is no way to do it without a binocular.

The excuse of "but you don't have a weapon in hand" does not apply - If it was the real reason, we should have been able to do it without needing to own a pair of binoculars.

Handguns have a similar issue, but to a lesser degree.

Please fix the animations and the stamina drain that is associated with them.


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Equip binoculars. Use them. Sprint. Measure speed and stamina drain compared to sprinting with a weapon in hand.

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Sorry if this is a duplicate, but all I could find was reports of other (unrelated or old) binocular animation issues.

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just measured:

rifle in hand - 18 km/h
pistol in hand - 19 km/h
binocs in hand - 22 km/h
nothing in hand - 24 km/h

Not sure you can call it stupidly fast

Well, the rifle in hand is way too fast too, but that's not the point. 22% faster just because you have binoculars (which cannot be done if you don't have binoculars) is just plain stupid.

If they want to let us put the weapon on back to run faster because they think it's better, that would be a different matter. But currently it is only possible with binoculars. And even then, considering you still carry the same gear, it's still pretty stupid. Especially when you consider the lack of stamina drain when running with binoculars.

In the end, you don't see soldiers in real life pulling out their binoculars to run faster. No reason for that to be the case in Arma. Currently the primary purpose of carrying binoculars is to enable faster and lower fatigue sprinting to cover large distances.

Well having handgun in hand and having binocs in hand should be equal in speed as only one hand is engaged at a time. But having hands free makes it easier to run rather than you have to hold something with both, so the speed increase and even stamina would be kinda justified

Easier yes, but so much easier that you should be doing it every time you need to run more than 50 meters - That is just wrong, because in real life it just doesn't work like that.

Soldiers in real life don't take out their binoculars to use for increased combat mobility because the benefits just aren't significant enough. Therefore, if the game was realistic, in-game soldiers wouldn't be doing it, either, because it wouldn't be beneficial enough. However, the benefits in-game right now are just outrageous, both in terms of speed and in terms of fatigue.

Say, 3-5% faster with binoc/handgun and 7-10% faster with nothing out, but also hardly any fatigue difference - That would make more sense. But again, in this case we should be allowed to place our weapons on our backs in order to be able to take advantage of it without requiring binoculars. And it's really not needed since you're not supposed to be doing it - It would also be just fine if there was no benefit at all to running without a weapon.

Currently, I had to remove binoculars from my missions, as it was extensively abused.

it is players choice to take binoculars out and run, this is not a default mechanics so you cannot really say - the game is therefore unrealistic. if a player decides to kill himself by jumping of a roof in game, are you going to protest this and say this is unrealistic and try to block access to all roofs? i think your argument against people runnig with binoculars is a bit weak. because no weapon cannot be selected by default action people go for the next best thing. and yes if you want to sprint irl it would probably be a good idea to put weapon on back.

I agree 100% with Killzone Kid. There is no need to change something for this possibility. Everyone will find realism at different levels of allowance.

By the way, even if discussed in some other posts, I don't like fatigue, not worthy for Arma's map and terribly boring when you play in wasteland server like (generally disabled), or some SP mission exploring the world. Furthermore, even showcases were written without taking into account this (future) "improvement" and this leads to weird situations when you play them now. If some hints could help to reduce this handicap, it's welcome!

Killzone, you are missing the point. Running with binoculars out in Arma is *unrealistically effective*. This is why people do it in Arma and don't do it in real life. In real life it's simply not anywhere near as effective. Also, in real life it doesn't require owning a pair of binoculars.

If you don't like fatigue, complain about fatigue. But binoculars shouldn't be your solution to working around the fatigue system. There are better ways to disable fatigue in a mission, for those who don't like it.

Running with binoculars shouldn't be effective just like bunny hopping shouldn't be effective. I find the 2 issues rather similar, with only the 2nd one being effectively eliminated in Arma.

Binoculars don't speed up movement, they slow it down. Being unarmed is fastest, equipping binoculars makes it slower.

What they should do is

While I agree with 21070, they aren't directly related.

Running without a weapon is also too fast. And not only is it too fast, it is extremely forgiving on the fatigue side of things. There is no justification for being able to run many times longer distance and 20-33% faster just because you placed your weapon on your back. It's outright outrageously unrealistically stupid, and it's being blatantly abused on every server that gives the player a pair of binoculars.

@galzohar. I wrote about fatigue, so i answer you. Disabling "fatigue" is not a solution. You loose a "more realistic" effect just because parameters are weird. And, yes, I wrote on other threads for that.

As far as binoculars are concerned, I just think the exact contrary of you: it's a great idea to enable running faster with binocular in one hand than with a weapon in both hands.

There are almost so much opinions about what is "realistic" or not than players.

In this case, though, the realism can easily be proven with a simple experiment in real life, simply because it is so absurd in-game. Just go out with a stick in your hand and a backpack with 20-30kg of books. Then repeat with the stick tied to your backpack, but run multiply the distance by 3 (not sure what the exact ratio is in-game, but it's very significant). Now tell me what was REALLY easier.

If you haven't realized it yet, this is abused repeatedly on every server that allows it. Since real soldiers don't do that, you must be wondering why. The reason isn't that "in a game, people prefer to run faster and are wiling to take the risk". It simply isn't.

Agree with this, unless putting your rifle on back is made possible.
Right now having a primary weapon without binoculars makes you a lot slower then having a primary weapon and not having binoculars. That on it's own makes absolutely no sense but it's forced because if you don't have binoculars you have to run with your weapon in your hands.

How does having realistic running speeds and fatigue that don't depend on having binoculars make it more difficult to just hop in and play? It's really completely unrelated.

Unit should be faster with only slightly less fatigue depletion, since your arms are doing less work

"Slightly" would have been reasonable (but even then, you would need to be given that option regardless of whether or not you have binoculars). However currently the difference is quite extreme on the fatigue aspect, and pretty big on the speed aspect.

There is not too much difference in holding binocs or holding handgun and running. Fatigue:

rifle - 0.14 in 10 secs
handgun - 0.11 in 10 secs
binocs - 0.09 in 10 secs

so far it is similar to speed changes.

I am not sure why you keep on saying how it is extreme and overwhelming when you can just measure it and see that it is not.

Because it's a 50% bonus when you have binoculars compared to when you not have binoculars. Exact same same gear, but give them a binoculars and they get a serious speed increase.

50% more sustaonabiloty along with 20% faster speed results in insane advantage. This is anything but the tiny difference it should have been.

rifle - 0.14 in 10 secs
handgun - 0.11 in 10 secs
binocs - 0.09 in 10 secs

That's actually quite big difference. Quickly counted it's like this:
rifle - 0.14 in 10 secs
binocs - 0.14 in 15 secs

5s difference is a lot. So let's go for 60% fatigue:
Binocs 66s.
Rifle 42s.

Combine that with:
rifle in hand - 18 km/h
pistol in hand - 19 km/h
binocs in hand - 22 km/h
nothing in hand - 24 km/h

That's huge difference.

I agree with the description, running with binoculars is too fast. The item on your hand should not affect your stamina or speed as deeply studied at this episode of mythbusters
The ability of soldier to run is not affected by what is on your hands. Its only affected by the number of itens that you are carrying.

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You can sprint mutch longer with binocs in hand ! Take a look on the MP Servers.. 80% of the players running with binocs... because they can run 2 - 3 times longer.