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unable to eject/get out, after loosing propeller.
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i meesed around with the advanced flight model, and decided to try and strress the heli, enough for it to break apart. though i was only able to loose the rotor, this was enough for me, when i then try to scroll down, and use the eject or get out feature, it no longer appears. this has happened 4 out of 4 times so far.

have not tried without advanced flight model. {F25671}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. launch arma 3.
  2. start editor.
  3. place helicopter, player and parachute.
  4. get in and fly around, until something breaks.
  5. try to use eject, but no longer shows.
  6. panic.
Additional Information

seem to have an issue with my joystick removing as well, and i need to run the command "sfc /scannow" in command prompt to even launch the game(but i can live with it, since i can schedule it to run)

included is the dxdiag and msinfo logs. if more info is needed, please ask.

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You can't eject. For some reason, BIS thinks it's realistic that pilots can't eject. Always been like this in ARMA 3.

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odd, since i can do it as long as the heli is fine. if its busted i cant.

Which heli are we talking about?

so far, the pawnee and hummingbird, have yet to use another heli, but i will try that soon, since i want to find as much info as possible.

okay, tried most other helicopters, have yet to try planes, or cehicles, but eject option in action menu disapears, and the eject/get out button does not work either(default keybinding V) will test planes and ground vehicles, once i get the time to do so.

I can tell you already that A164 have this problem too

see my report:

seems like a rather big problem. but so far, i have tried multiple helicopters, and the different versions of them, and all of them, the eject/get out dissapears, however strangely enough, if i manage to land it, after breaking somehting, they both appear, and work as they should, after a safe landing, where its not really needed anymore... LOGIC!

is it possible for you to record a short video of the behavior? We were unable to reproduce it.

Pesoen added a comment.Mar 3 2015, 7:38 AM

it sure is, i will do it as soon as im at my gaming computer, not so easy to record while in shcool :P

could you please verify that the issue is still valid and if so, post a short video showing it? It would be much appreciated, thank you.

yep, i will upload to youtube, and place a link here.

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Could you please post the video?


damn, forgot about the video, it is still valid, will post ASAP.

video uploading to youtube now, will update with a link when its done, however, the problem seems worse now, since i cannot eject even with the propeller still on anymore, previously, the option to eject was there, when propeller was on, but was lost, when propeller was lost.

Adam added a comment.Sep 3 2015, 2:29 PM

As designed