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Ironsight (front) still bad texture on Katiba family when mounted MRCO
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ironsight on front of the Katiba family glitches into weird texture when MRCO equipped.

noticed this had been fixed a while ago together with other weapons and ARCO/RCO (iirc)


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  • equip MRCO on KatibaGL/Carbine weaponsystem, notice the front ironsight appears in white/bright blueish texture in 1st person.
  • 3rd person/other players sometimes however; appears a glitchy triangle in same weird color reaching from muzzlearea to the ground.

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just noticed;

ZAFIR does the triangle stuff too with DMS equipped but only if player seen 20m or more away

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Same problem as #16983 ?

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Needs to be marked as resolved.

MRCO is still doing issues even after the 1.42 update