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Precise object adjustment needed in 2D Editor
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The 2D mission editor really needs editable text fields in the "Edit Unit" window for x,y coordinates, as well as the ability to adjust things like elevation and azimuth on multiple selected items at once.

In the case of changing the azimuth of multiple selected items, there should be options to rotate them as one whole unit (like you do when you shift+click a selection of objects in the editor already), as well as the object to rotate all of them around their own center-points simultaneously.

When it comes to altering the x,y of a large selection, the input placed into the field should be read as an additive to each object's current position, to prevent moving all selections to the same set of coordinates. On the other hand, when altering the x,y of INDIVIDUAL objects, the mission maker should be able to read and alter the true coordinates of the object in regards to the x,y origin of the map.


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