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Game crashes on mission selection
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obviously the file name parser parses the stated mission name to "Mission Template v1.4"


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Game Crash
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create some valid pbo file called "Mission Template v1.4.5 - MCC.Altis.pbo"
copy it to Arma 3\MPMissions
start this mission as a local multiplayer game

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is it possible that the crashes are caused by some mod dependency? Is it possible to to upload the mission to this ticket?

Hey iceman,
no, it's not caused by any mod dependency. The parser reading the mission name just reads garbage. Here is another mission (Vanilla, 1 Rifleman placed on the airfield): The problem is, that the parser just ends reading after the occurance of a word after the "last" point. This will work on server's mpmission folder however.

push as answer on further information is pending for 2 weeks now

Ralpha added a subscriber: Ralpha.May 7 2016, 8:14 PM

I have the same issue (linux dedicated).

Noting shows up on .rpt files (apart from the normal stuff). And server just stops and all clients get message "Session lost". (no linux Core bump is made.)

To solve this. some missions needs to be deleted from the mpmissions folder. after that I can switch missions again (without crashing server). Both on vanilla arma as with mods (that we already have been using for a long time) the server does the same. Some missions only have this problem. Mission that I know for sure has this problem is: co60_AW_Invade_Annex_2_82.Altis.pbo (
It could be that it is only with some settings in this mission. but then this should still be resolved.

If I get to know something more I will post it here. but this is all I know for now.

game still reads
Parser Test v1.0.0.Altis

instead of
Parser Test v1.0.0 - Vanilla.Altis.pbo

in game version 1.46 ... bug not fixed

i do understand the LL1 conflict happening there, but there shouldnt be a syntax defined by a grammer. the parser should implement an attributed grammer to check if the filename ends with .Altis.pbo, which could be implemented easy as fuck

btw.. not fixed in 1.48

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 8:14 PM

It will be never fixed. Status of ticket is "need more info". I think they reviewed and cannot reproduce. I dont play multi but is it so serious? Can you play on some other mission (made by someone else)? If so, ask him, how he made mission working with this issue, ask on forums. Problem is, almost few problems is solved by feedback tracker, i see tickets "assigned" since 2 years and still not resolved (most important, basics of the game!). Something is broken here. Or chain between Support staff > Developers or its all by support crew ignorating.

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