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Idle vehicle sounds keeps playing indefintely
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Whenever you drive/run by an idle vehicle with the engine running the sound from that vehicle never goes away if you drive/walk away from it. If you get into the vehicle and turn its engine off everything is fine though.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Have a vehicle standing with the engine on.
Run from where you are our of reach to hear it to it.
Run away from it again, far enough that you shouldn't hear it anymore, but you still do.

Additional Information

I use an Asus Xonar DS soundcard, maybe there's some compatibility issue there.

In sound settings there's a "Sound Sources" setting. Normally I keep this set to 128, but I've found that after setting this to 16 the idle vehicle sounds will go away after a couple of minutes. I'm guessing this is because you limit the amount of sounds that can be played to 16, so once 16 new sounds has been played after the idle vehicle sound starts playing it will replace the vehicle sound because it's out of channels to use.

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Yes, this is compatibility issue, at my pc it runs fine. Moreover , game is able to run 96 sounds at the time. So ticket can be closed, your problem is not about game. I would change settings about EAX, sound frequency, or surround. Fault is for sure there.

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I've been using this hardware and software and sound settings for the past 5 years and have never had any issue with any other game, including Arma 2 and DayZ standalone. Even if this issue can be fixed on my end by changing something it's obviously still something that should be fixed in Arma 3, since it's exclusively a problem with Arma 3, to avoid this compatibility issue for other users in the future.

I had this issue in the dev branch, but it seems to be gone now.

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I'm having this problem as well. It's pretty frequent and really annoying. I usually play Sa-Matra's Chernarus Wasteland, if that matters. I'm running the stable branch.

OS: Win8.1 x64
CPU: Intel i7-3770K
GPU: GIGABYTE Windforce Radeon 7950 3GB
Sound: ASUS Xonar DG
MoBo: ASRock Z77 Extreme4

One thing I've noticed is that if you're with a friend in the immediate area and you get this bug, they usually do too. Then, if the glitch goes away, it usually does so for your friend at the same time. However, there have been a few instances where they don't receive the glitch at all for some reason, even though we were together the whole time. It makes it kind of hard to reproduce.

I think I've probably recorded this happening at least once in the last few days. I can upload a clip or two if needed.

EDIT: I don't think the problem is my ASUS sound card, even though the report author and myself both have one. A friend of mine also experiences this glitch, and does not have an ASUS sound card.

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I am also getting this, mostly playing Sa-Matra's Chernarus Wasteland, but I'm also getting it playing BattleRoyale, Altis Life and a few other mods.

The other night people were talking about this issue in the global channel on the Sa-Matra Chernarus Wasteland server I was playing on, and at least 10+ people on that server said they were getting this issue as well, so I think it's pretty common, and it needs to be fixed asap as it is affecting the gameplay in a major negative way.

Same problem for my 10 man group, all with different systems. If an engine is left on and you walk out of the sound bubble, the sound continues to loop.

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Happens to me and all of my friends as well. Easily the thing in Arma 3 that has the most negative impact at the moment, please fix asap!

+1 same thing here.

Hm, i think BI ignore old topics so i'll try to help you. Right click on speaker icon (next to clock) > Sounds > "Play" tab > slect your speakers (double click ) > "advanced" tab > and choose 16 bit 44100 Hz (CD quality) > apply and check if that works

malow added a comment.Apr 4 2015, 9:49 PM


16 bit 44100 Hz (CD quality) was already chosen for me.

malow added a comment.Apr 21 2015, 7:07 PM

Still no answer on this? It's been over 2 months and this is a game-breaking bug. It's still happening to me and everyone I know that I play with.

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Still an issue as of 1.44, got a good recording of this from tonight's gameplay so I'll post a video of it tomorrow when I can upload it etc.

Please focus on fixing this, it's very annoying :(

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This bug has been happening to me and everyone I play with for a long time. We play a lot of different maps of Sa-Matra's Wasteland, and at least in these missions we get this sound looping bug like every time we play. Its not about added RHS vehicles or such, bug was already happening over a year ago. Sometimes you have multiple vehicle sounds looping same time.

To disable looping sound, get inside car and turn off the engine. Sometimes that car just happens to be other side of the map, so it's pretty frustrating. Happens with helicopters also, if you walk away helicopter before blades / sound from blades has completely stopped.

If you can't find source of the bug, can you add command to "reset sounds" or something?

This sound bug is extremely annoying to deal with, and it happens to me in just about every game of Wasteland I play.

The sounds of land vehicles, water vehicles, air vehicles seem to glitch in an endless loop at different volume levels.

For myself, it is the most annoying bug to deal with on a daily basis.

It seems as though as once you reach a certain "out of range" to the vehicle, the sound instantly gets locked in a loop instead of fading away to nothing. In the last few nights for example, I had a zamak truck idle sound "in the distance", whilst a sports hatch sounded closer, and then I had a helicopter winding down also glitched in my headphones... rather annoying with just one bugged sound, let alone three or more. After about 15 minutes 2 of the sounds finally stopped.

Please fix this annoyance of the sound bugging out.

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