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Vehicles explode upon enableSimulation
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Vehicles are exploding at random despite having full health when a player gets close to them. This tends to happen most often when a vehicle is parked and a player spawns into the world close to the vehicle, specifically in the Epoch mod where vehicles tend to be parked inside structures. Sometimes the structures are player built, other times the structures are part of the map. However I've also seen it occur in cases where when using admin tools a player will teleport beside a vehicle in a wide open area which previously had no players present. This leads myself and several others to believe that it may be an issue with how the server does the enableSimulation command when a player gets near. It's happening on all vehicles, including helicopters.


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Steps To Reproduce

Start server with vehicles present

Spawn a player next to the vehicle

Sometimes the vehicle will explode, killing the player. Other times the player has to enter the vehicle first before it explodes.

Additional Information

This issue has been reported happening on Epoch mod as well as Wasteland and KoH. A relevant excerpt from the Epoch forums post from user Havoc302: "Vehicles exploding when people get in them. I can only assume this is related to the file that loads the vehicles on the server, where near the bottom enableVehicleSimulation is set to false. So the vehicle is loaded in by the server (and is visually) floating, often you can see it drop a little when you approach it showing that simulation has been enabled but sometimes it doesn't do it. So you get into a vehicle that's obviously been damaged at the loading of the server but simulation doesn't happen until you get in, then it explodes. Enabling vehicle simulation at server load coupled with the above rotating damage handling fix should see these issues completely resolved."


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Vehicles also explode at random when not spawning next to the vehicle but the vehicle spawns near to the player. Like in Wasteland you can buy vehicles and they sometimes explode on entering/starting the vehicle.
But, this does not always happen. Gotta love random explosions.
In Wasteland it also happens with randomly spawned vehicles.

Tonic's VVS is pretty reliable for exploding vehicles, especially if you remove his attempted fix for it:

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