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Better/Additional Animations
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There should be more animations to add more of a simulated experience and interface such as:

  1. Opening doors to houses/structures where the unit's arm is animated to open the door handle while aiming an equipped weapon towards when entering the door.
  1. Opening doors to vehicles (side doors for most helicopters in order to FFV) and mounting on the back of Off-roads where an animation of the unit jumps into the allocated seat. Armoured vehicles such as tanks also should show the unit mounting on the tank, opening the hatch, then entering.
  1. Ejecting from Fixed Wing Aircraft where the aircraft door opens and the unit is launched up with a parachute if the player has equipped it.
  1. Instead of the camera fading black then re-imaging when entering/exiting a vehicle, it should move behind the vehicle when entering it in 3rd person and move behind the player as the unit exits the vehicle. In 1st person, the player should enter/exit the vehicle without the screen fading black.
  1. Proper animation when healing another soldier and repairing a vehicle. (Resolved)
  1. Animation when pulling the Bolt on the M320 LRR to chamber the cartridge.
  1. Denting/Crumple effects for vehicles.
  1. Proper bullet holes where the part of the vehicle has been shot instead of having its texture changing with damage done to the vehicle.


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Heavy weapons that cannot quite be held with one hand would show the unit laying the firearm on the front of his shoulder while opening the door.

Removing the fading black screen improves the interface of the animation and realistic visualisation.

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I think going up and down stairs deserves a separate animation and speed

+ 1.

Also there is no animation, when one soldier heals of another soldier. Instead, the game has "self-treatment" animation. I think for treatment of another soldier need a special animation. You can add this to your list.

I remembered also.
There is no animation of vehicle repair. Instead, also is done animation self-treatment.
Can add to the list.

Aid Animation is ingame.