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stances issue
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when i am adjusting stance to any direction while im standing (ctrl + A,S,D,W) and clicks "I" for inventory my player will go crouch and do some strange movement (picture A). {F25491}


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1)place a player and preview
2)adjust your stance to any direction (ctrl + A,S,D,W)
3)click "I"
4)you will do this strange movement

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+1 Animation bug

Still a bug in 1.48

Another bug that never be resolved, great job BI, Great ignorantion. Ticket waiting half year and even not reviewed. If i would be staff chief i would dismiss whole support crew and employ new one.

still a bug on 1.53 dev build

1.54 RC is here.
this issue still out there.

This isn't a bug, this is a feature! lol

This bug came when they probably move from the old animations to the newer ones. Also it would be nice if they actually put back this animation when viewing other objects with gear, but keep the current inventory animation when viewing own inventory.

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I thought it was an Easter Egg to get your character to shake hands :D
But it isn't a critical issue, I mean, just don't open your inventory while leaning/adjusting your stance and you will be fine.

You can actually see this animation on their old Arma 3 Alpha Showcase Videos