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Smugded / motion blurred clouds
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Was testing a bug for Dwarden on hosted server with SaMatra (he was hosting) and it just happened (see attached pics). Never happened to me before, but SaMatra reckons this happens to him quite often. Moving mouse quickly can change direction of the blur. Exiting and entering the server didn't help, however exiting server going into editor and then back on the server fixed artifact for me. {F25415} {F25416} {F25417} {F25418} {F25419}


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Random occurrence.

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Error confirmed, i can reproduce this error by direct joining my server with the -connect parameter.

my Batchfile

:: Domination by Xeno

cd "C:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\"

set P= -noSplash -showScriptErrors -world=empty -skipIntro -maxMem=2047 -maxVRAM=2047
set C= -connect= -port=2332

start "" "arma3battleye.exe" 0 1 %P% %C%

error with blurry clouds occurs every time.

the workaround by killzonekid with leaving the server going in the editor and rejoin the server works for me.


i'm using current main version of the game (not the dev) v1.44.130654

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I've often seen that visual bug on the official Zeus server too. Sometimes everything seems fine (except the wobbly issue if you turn your view), but sometimes the clouds are blurry (and still wobbly), as you can see on the pictures.

Had the same issue here.

This also happens in stable, not just dev.

I have only noticed this in multiplayer.

Same problem for me.

Changing quality of the cloud renderer fixed the problem temporary.

This has been happening since 1.44. I've seen it in stock Arma as well as in Epoch mod. Updated and rolled back video drivers and problem persists. Also occurs on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. Happens every time you load into the game. As the OP says, changing the cloud detail level to anything other than what it's currently set to will fix it. Also noticed that I tend to see this in my client RPT when it happens: "13:46:10 SimulWeather - Cloud Renderer - noise texture file is not specified!"

this issue was fixed for 1.48 update, could you please confirm that it's gone for you?

Yes, this issue disappeared after the 1.48 update.


Glad to see it solved! Can anyone else please confirm? We have some reports that it may have not been resolved for all users so I'd like to double check also here.

It isnt present for me