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ModuleZoneRestriction_F does not synchronize properly with a trigger
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I do not get the Misc Zone Restriction module to work properly. When setting it to apply to "Objects in Synchronized Triggers" and then having synchronized the module to a trigger with a player in it, script execution displays a synchronization error and the module reports no restricted units.

23:44:29 Error in expression <ct call bis_fnc_moduleTriggers);

23:44:29 Error position: <_result}>
23:44:29 Error Undefined variable in expression: _result
23:44:29 File A3\functions_f\Modules\fn_moduleUnits.sqf, line 31


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a trigger and place a Player inside it.
Create a ModuleZoneRestriction_F set to "Objects in Synchronized Triggers".
Synchronize the module with the trigger and start the mission.

ModuleZoneRestriction_F reports no restricted units error.
Script error (in the description) with synchronization is displayed.

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Tested on 1.37.128877.

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Should be fixed in next Steam Dev update
"Objects in synchronized triggers" was removed from Zone Restriction module "Apply to" parameter.

Please note that the module uses triggers to determine the restricted zones, not to grab affected objects from them. I forgot to remove this parameter from the module when writing its function and apologize for the inconvenience.