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Multiplayer: Client crash after download of mission, while loading mission
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Client crash while joining a server, after the download of the mission is finished, while the mission "loads" (the loading bars on top are running from left screen border to the right) Windows sends out the pop-up "Arma3.exe is not working".

This happened to multiple people on our server and therefore we're not sure if its caused by the mission or not.

The problem happens sporadically and not everyone seems to have the issue.


I was just told by one of our members that this not always happens AFTER the downloading but sometimes even WHILE downloading the mission.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Start ARMA 3
  • Join a dedicated server
  • In the lobby, click "Continue" (after a slot is selected)
  • After the download has finished, the game hangs up somewhere inside the "loading mission process"
  • Windows sends out the pop-up "Arma3.exe is not working".
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One of our members is reporting that this can help solving the issue.

In the start parameters of the game set the following setting:

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Eventually, the file "PhysX_x86.dll" inside the Arma3 installation directory can be deleted/renamed to address the issue.

Also, it's recommended to delete the mission-cache which can be found under the path:
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache

I just started experiencing this today on Dev branch with the 64-bit build on my server and huge pages enabled. Been experiencing it on two separate mission files I made myself. It seems to only happen to me when the mission has already started (JIP). It doesn't always happen but once it does it will happen consistently until the mission ends. A friend and I have also been getting occasional crashes mid-game as well.

One of the missions that I experienced it on:

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Just discovered that it might happen persistently when joining the server after the mission has started, but not when JIP'ing the mission if already connected to the server. So I apologize if this is in the wrong thread.

Disregard everything. I just realized I was accidentally launching with my modpack installed while trying to connect to a vanilla dedicated server. Issue no longer occurs once launching without mods enabled. Strange that this only seemed to happen during JIP.