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Skill assigned with slider doesn't work in MP
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First I'm placing 4 units in the editor:

  • first unit with skill slider set to min,
  • second unit with skill slider set to default,
  • third unit with skill slider set to max,
  • fourth unit with skill set via setSkill array with the following code:

this setSkill ["aimingspeed", 0.5];this setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.5];this setSkill ["aimingshake", 0.5];this setSkill ["spottime", 0.5];this setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.5];this setSkill ["commanding", 0.5];this setSkill ["general", 0.5];this setSkill ["reloadspeed", 0.5];this setSkill ["courage", 0.5];this setSkill ["endurance", 0.5];
I'm checking sub skills using the following code:
this addAction ["Show skills",{ hintsilent format["aimingAccuracy %1\n aimingShake %2\n aimingSpeed %3\n spotDistance %4\n spotTime %5\n courage %6\n reloadSpeed %7\n commanding %8\n general %9\n", cursortarget skill "aimingAccuracy",cursortarget skill "aimingShake",cursortarget skill "aimingSpeed",cursortarget skill "spotDistance",cursortarget skill "spotTime",cursortarget skill "courage",cursortarget skill "reloadSpeed",cursortarget skill "commanding",cursortarget skill "general"];}];
First I'm checking sub skill values in the editor preview and all of them seems to be correct: 0.2 for the 1st unit, 0.6 for the 2nd unit, 1 for the 3rd unit and 0.5 for the 4th unit. All of this with difficulty settings in game options set to Expert.
Then I'm doing the same in multiplayer via Host. All of the sub skills values are the same as in the editor preview.

And the issue begins with testing the same with dedicated (vanilla) server. Server startup line:
-port=2302 "-profiles=C:\TCAFiles\Users\servers\A3\" -name=User -world=empty -cfg=basic.cfg -config=server.cfg
When I'm checking sub skills on dedicated server I get max value (1) on all sub skills on the three first units (with skill configured via skill slider in editor), and then on the 4th unit (skill configured via setSkill array) I get correct values (0.6) for all sub skills.

Units placed on the dedicated server via Zeus have correct sub skill values.
Example mission:
Unit placed via editor with skill assigned with command setSkill has a correct skill value on dedicated server.


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oukej added a comment.Jan 9 2015, 8:36 AM

Thanks a lot for finding this issue!

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tomeek added a comment.Jan 9 2015, 3:06 PM

You're welcome. Finally I can tell to the people from my community that it's a confirmed bug and not a bad server configuration which makes me happy.
I wonder for how long this bug was present?

tomeek, I'm pretty sure this bug is dating back to Arma 2. We used to play missions by experienced mission makers and monitor showed them all on skill 1...

I am sorry for the massive confusion :)
It actually is part of an issue with skill / skillFinal getters (used on client to watch serverside AI) we've known about and which was previously reported (linked).

Will add more info soon-ish.

oukej added a comment.Jan 30 2015, 2:19 PM

This should be fixed in the next dev. branch update.

  • skills set in the mission.sqm (default or adjusted by the slider) should now be correctly broadcasted
  • skill getters should now get the correct values also remotely
  • client can set skill only to a local AI unit
  • server can set skill to any unit
  • in both cases only the Difficulty/AI Level values set on the server are used to process the skill into skillFinal

If you have any further questions please direct them into

Thank you for improving the game with us!