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ARMA3.exe Random Crash to Desktop, module causing it varies (unknown, arma3.exe, ntdll.dll...)
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NOTE: This is for version 1.36.128579, but it was unavailable as a pull-down choice in the "Product Version" Field. Steam BETA access disabled for this game, on stable branch.

Very frustrating. Randomly occurring crash during single player campaign. Sometimes I can play for an hour and a half, sometimes the crash happens within 10 minutes of resuming a campaign.

Symptoms are always the same: Game screen freezes (Still visible), Need to ALT+TAB to desktop where a Windows message shows up of "Arma3 Not responding", with the option to close it only.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Single player --> Select start/resume campaign. Within 1hr the game will freeze and user needs to ALT+TAB. Sound also goes away. Once ALT+TAB, "Arma3 has stopped responding" message from windows and need to close game. Event Viewer then will have a application error with the arma3.exe crash recorded.

Has happened so far in all stages of single player campaign, as well as in multiplayer. But most consistently will happen in single player campaign.

No set recipe for reproducing it; Just load up the game and play it...

Additional Information

Game, OS and steam are all installed in C: drive.

Asus P8Z68 V LX
EVGA GTX970 ACX 2.0 FTW with latest NVIDIA drivers (344.75)
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500MB (patched with Samsung fix) OS HDD
Corsair Vengeance 12GB RAM 1600MHZ (2 x 4GB, 2 x 2GB)
Corsair 750W power supply
Windows fully up to date with Windows Update
Windows 7 64-bit genuine

Important Note: No other games do I have this problem. Not a single one. Including Arma2, DayZ... This is extremely frustrating.

I have already tried the following:

  1. Clean re-install of Arma3
  2. Verify game file integrity in Steam
  3. Clean install without mods and with mods
  4. Setting arma3.exe to "Run as Administrator"
  5. Changing windows theme to basic (No Aero theme)
  6. Changing number of sound sources in-game from 96 to 48
  7. Setting arma3.exe as "run in compatibility mode: Windows XP SP 3"
  8. Re-installing DirectX 11

10.Tried with no launch parameters, with some launch parameters, no difference

I am including all my Windows event Viewer errors for today, which will show the module in the event viewer as changing, from "unknown" to "arma3.exe" to "ntdll.dll"

One observation I will include: The game config files are in a separate HD, D:, where "My Documents" is located. Not sure if this affects anything.

Thank you for the help. This is a really frustrating issue with no obvious cause that I can think of.

Link to all relevant files required:

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thank you for the report. You have loaded Epoch and mas community addons with your game, does it crash also when you disable them? If so, could you please upload new crashdumps with official data only?
Thank you.

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It was crashing also without the addons.

I can certainly upload the logs with @Mas and @epoch disabled -- You should have the logs later tonight, around 8-9PM EST. Thank you

I have deleted all the Mod folders and disabled them in-game -- Below are the resulting crash logs. Note that the game crashed within 5 minutes or so of resuming the campaign, from reverting to the start of the mission.


I'm having this same exact problem... Would be nice if you actually responded to this since he was nice enough to post the logs... Almost 20 days ago...

I'm through the same problem, and I have an Altis Life server (yeah, the problem isn't my client). Here are my log files and DxDiag:

I use Windows Server 2008 R2 x64.