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Make new chat channel so that in-game admin programs can work with Global and Side chat disabled
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When Global and Side chat is disabled that leaves Group, Vehicle and Direct options working.

That means that for an in-game administration program like BEC or B3 to be be able to 'see' what an admin types they must either be in a group, in a vehicle or close to another player which is not always possible. This is because Battleye only seems to broadcast text chat via rcon if another player 'hears' it in game.

We would just need an 'Admin' channel that BE would broadcast over rcon, but would actually not go to any player, except maybe the admin themselves.


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yes, it would really be nice to be able to read in a rcon admin tool, what a player answers you, when he is alone on the server and you talk to him trough a rcon admin tool...
Why this is not implemented?!


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Unfortunately that requires edits to each and every mission that is used, I was hoping for something that works without having to do that.

Actually it doesn't. You can make addons with new functions via CfgFunctions and a preInit or postInit attribute that runs a script at init no matter the mission. I have done this for my addon SSPCM that allows you to use Zeus ,Arsenal, Garage and other features during any mission. This can be done just as easily for multiplayer games. This addon can be used on the server as well.

Interesting, I'll take a closer look at that. Thank you.

But I still think something built in would be nicer.

If you don't want to edit your missions, make a server-side mod. I'm sick of people asking for stuff that's ready possible.

I presume then that you already have a fix for this that works? Perhaps you would care to share the fruits of your labors with the Community?

It also doesn't work for missions that already have 10 user radios defined.