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Add "Rearm" Event Handler or make it possible to disable Rearm action
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This is quite important. Here is the situation

We have these 2 nice event handlers Take and Put that can notify mission maker when player make changes to his inventory content. Very much needed functionality and thanks for that.

However when player uses Rearm option from action menu, neither of these event handlers fire. Inventory content can change drastically with rearm and it is not possible to detect that it did.

The explanation I got is that because Rearm allows to take multiple items, Take EH is not suitable for it as it has single item format.

This is understandable. So here are 3 options:

  1. Add Rearm EH that will report all picked up items in an array. Too much? OK.
  1. Make Rearm EH that only reports the event and weaponholders. Less work for programmer more for mission maker, but better than nothing.
  1. Make it possible to disable Rearm action somehow. If there is no Rearm action, there is no possibility to mess up Inventory undetected. It could be description.ext option or just a command. Even less work for a programmer.

It really is a poor situation with current implementation.


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player addeventhandler ["Take", {hint str _this}];

Go to an ammo box and rearm

Notice how nothing happens.

put something on the ground and pick it up

It works.

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Or the way to detect an action:
if (player performingAction "rearm") then {...}; or EH performingAction to avoid loop (limited but sensible list, not a keyDown/up check, already existing).

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OR, install ace 3 mod (for now). They disabled it. ;)

I don't like ACE3. This addon is far too much possessive. It disables too much native Arma commands, like "put" "take" and so on.

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You can disable it, its modular mod

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ACE3 disables the pickup action, because it horrendously breaks with mine detector-type items:

Items in ACE have to be of this type to show up in the Virtual Arsenal, because mine detectors are the only item type that have a neglible side effect

There is no way to add items that do nothing that is hard coded to the game:

On topic:

This Rearm eventhandler seems as pointless as the Take and Put eventhandlers are.

Something like LoadOutChanged is what's really needed in my opinion.

"This Rearm eventhandler seems as pointless as the Take and Put eventhandlers are."

Well, LoadOutChanged returns only 1 param, and that is:

"Object - Object that had its equipment changed"

Basically player object. Calling Put and Take pointless when in fact they provide the item put or taken as well as ability to override and information about containers involved in transfer... is a bit of a nonsense, don't you think? Or maybe I misunderstood and you gladly go through the pain of storing and comparing all player's inventory before and after "LoadOutChanged" event just to find out what is that being put or taken? In this case my apology.

Sure, LoadOutChanged as it exists in VBS could be improved, but I don't see how another eventhandler that still doesn't cover inventory commands -and therefore the VA- really helps the situation.

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