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Dedicated Server requires Steam account
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After today's Dev update (ver 1.37.128466) the Dedicated Server requires Steam account in order for clients to be able to connect to it.
If Steam is off line, the dedicated server executable launches the application but only two lines are printing. The third line with the port number and the steam Query is missing.
Any client trying to connect, are rejected.

If the Steam account is on, then everything is normal as before.

This has started happening with Dev version 1.37.128466 (today's update)


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I can confirm that. Only if the "regular" steam client is running and logged in the dedicated server will connect to the steam network. If not, the .rpt stops at:

21:28:06 InitSound ...
21:28:06 InitSound - complete
21:28:06 PhysX3 SDK Init started ...
21:28:06 PhysX3 SDK Init ended.

and missing:

21:25:18 Initializing Steam server - Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303
21:25:20 Connected to Steam servers

Then everyone trying to connect gets kicked immediately.

Workaround from Dwarden: Replace the steam_api.dll with the old version from stable branch 1.34

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FIXED in Dev Version: 1.37.128595

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Yep, confirmed fixed. Thx!