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Self-treatment with Launcher faster than self-treatment with rifle or pistol. (1-video)
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If the player is holds the Launcher and uses self-treatment, then the animation of self-treatment is not complete(not full duration) or do we have another animation. It's hard for me to understand it or to see it from the side, because I always play in first person. It is much shorter than any conventional self-treatment animations.


Thus the player in the position with the Launcher in hand, will always be treated faster.
Please fix this nonsense.


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Run this for every weapon and every position

hint "";
player addItem "FirstAidKit";
time1 = time;
player setdamage 0.3;
player action ["HealSoldierSelf", player];
oneachframe {
if (damage player != 0.3) then {

		oneachframe {}; 
		hint str [time - time1];


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Can confirm this. Crouching with launcher takes no time at all to heal.

Occurs whenever there is not a valid animation transition for the Healer. Seems to occur primarily when currentWeapon == secondaryWeapon or currentWeapon == handgun.

Haven't tested in some time however.

The animation perhaps should attempt to get to a valid animation state prior to entry to the heal self animation.

As it is there is only a currentWeapon == primaryWeapon animation and currentWeapon == nil animation, for putting the weapon on the ground during the healing process. There is no such animation for the secondaryWeapon (launcher) or handgun.

Healing animations will be addressed within following 2 months.


Thanks. If all animations will be revised this good.
Also I note, that there is no animation, when one soldier heals of another soldier. Instead, the game has "self-treatment" animation!