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Moving mouse left or right teleports player.
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If you go crouched and move your mouse left or right in a fast twitch style, your character will teleport all over the place.

This if done while healing someone, will break the healing and then render the healer unable to perform any new actions like :- Heal, get in, etcetc.
It will leave the injured person injured.
The only way for the Medic to regain actions is to die or rejoin.

You only need to look for enemy while healing for this bug to happen.
You dont need to spam left right alot just move mouse quickly left right as if looking for an enemy who surprised you.
And it breaks the medic system. {F25178}


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To teleport like a dickhead :- crouch and move mouse left and right Quickly.

to break the healing process :- start healing move mouse left right fast.
Once healing animation is complete you will notice that the injured is still injured and you can no longer heal him.

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p = getpos player; oneachframe {hintsilent str (p distance getpos player)}

To devs: This little test shows that position of the player may read up to 0.8m from original position by just rotating around. Keeping in mind that sending updated position over network will make everyone else think that unit moved, while it didn't. This would also explain sliding of remote units "on ice" when they just run around turning. Position of the unit should be read from absolute centre of rotation.

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Yay an explanation from Killzone !
Thanks m8 :)

Added diagram. The position should be read where rotation axis comes from the ground. This will also eliminate unit going into falling animation when its bottom is over the edge, because getPos is over the edge

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Great, now that I know the unit "moves" a bit while rotating, I have to re-write a small piece of code.

Do you mean that it only occurs in multiplayer?
I was able to produce It in the Virtual Arsenal.

Sorry, I was incorrect, I am able to reproduce in the mission editor now.

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Still present in