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Roadway LODs cause massive FPS hit, with ShipX vehicles. (video)
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Hey guys, not sure if any of you have seen this:

That pretty much shows/explains it all from my perspective right now at least. As noted in the video I did test this against very simple geometry.

Really not sure whats happening here, would really like to understand the limitations here, or what going on in general. I'm aware there is nothing like this currently. But meh, why not!?

With around 30 MkV's in the water it pulls the FPS to Zero (0.*), although I have not seen any extra CPU/GPU/MEM loads while monitoring things with this going on.


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Add a Roadway LOD to any ShipX vehicle. Either directly in the main model, or via proxy reference in the main model.

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'attachTo' also seems to have some odd behavior when dealing with these things. Not sure if it is related to some deeper core issue here with floating things or what though. Might need a separate ticket, not sure yet.

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does it happen also with unmoded game/vanilla vehicles?

Hey Iceman, not really aware of a current asset that features a roadway? At least not in a physx vehicle. Konyos MH-47's have proxied roadways, does not behave like this. Although studying those models, I can not account for many things going on there.

I'm thinking it's tied to physx things, and have a sneaky suspicion it might have something to do with the water functionality.

I'll throw a roadway in the sample boat tomorrow, and report back. (haha, not sure if that qualifies as standard/unmodded model. we hope so right?)

Current testing suggests, that the number of faces IS what has measurable influence on things. And not at what I would consider 'normal' counts. Much, much lower.

For illustration purposes, this is the current MkV roadway I'm testing with:

The roadway I created for the sample boat as mentioned earlier, looks like this:

I've since increased the counts in the sample boat model (where I thought it was fine), and I can basically control my FPS via face count at this point. Which again, really makes me think there is perhaps some kind of background calculation going on. Given how the proxied roadways act on the vehicles (ie.. won't hook properly, regardless of autocentering), it seems almost like there is water interaction occurring.
For what it's worth, every square meter of this roadway for the carrier, works, 100% of the time, with no FPS issues. However that is not a ShipX vehicle.

**Also note: If I remove the roadway LOD, there is no performance issues at all. But that is completely against the direction many of us modelers/modders would like to go with the new water features and the assets (you guys dont have..) to support it.

Turns out ShipX vehicles are the only negatively affected vehicles. Roadways in the other classes (TankX, CarX, etc..), appear to be fine.

Example of the same roadway (plus the already present roadway), in one of Milkmans little projects. Class "Truck_F". Note the FPS.

Really cool toy btw. :P

How much more info is needed here?

Has there been any kind of news on this matter? I'm certain that there is enough information to at least have the status changed from, "Not Enough Info"

Well, I'm going to release the boat this week with the Roadway in it.

I do not know what else you guys need regarding info. This was/is a simple to reproduce issue. If you put a Roadway LOD in a ShipX vehicle (and only ShipX class), and then place two or more of those vehicles in close proximity to each other, there is a direct, measureable, consistent, drop in FPS.

Does not matter where on the map you place them, in view or not. Happens 100% of the time. And when I say 'close to each other', it seems that is a precise distance, relative to the size of the roadway itself.

The more detailed the Roadway, the more FPS hit there is.**

Technically, if you place a ShipX vehicle with a Roadway LOD in it, next to any other vehicle class with a Roadway, the same happens. As in the video.

Where all of those models have the same Roadway LOD in them.

Chatted with Dwarden, I'll add some files this evening to make this painless for you guys. :P

Is this still happening?