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Several drop in server FPS with 1,34.
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Tested attached SHAPE-ARMA mission (Takistan, AIA TP). Mission specs:

Mods used:
Mods info:
Map: Takistan (via AllinArma Terrain Pack)
Slots: 14
Type: Coop
AI's: 80-105, dynamically spawned
Helicopters: yes, opfor, AI controlled

Tested with 2 clients
Server FPS with Arma3 1.32: 47-50
Server FPS with Arma3 1.34: 20-33
{F25081} {F25082} {F25083}


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Steps To Reproduce

Load the mission in v1.34 with 2 clients. Slot up as 1 x GM (Zeus) and 1 x SQDR COMD. Check FPS with radio Julliet (0-0-0) or #monitor 1

Switch to legacy build version 1.32 and repeat above Server FPS check.

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is this drop happening with mods loaded only? Can you reproduce it on unmoded game?

Hi Iceman,

We tested with exactly the same specs before and after the update. The ONLY factor that was changed was ARMA3 client and ARMA3 server.

We did not test using a Vanilla mission.

Note that I joined a community event that same night. 14 players, 45 enemies, minimal objects on the map > 9-15 server FPS throughout the game. See post:

Iceman added a comment.Nov 6 2014, 1:03 PM

Thanks for the info, however I will still need to know if this happens in vanilla or not. Older maps can have some object compatibility issue which is causing these drops and answer to this question could point us to the right direction. Thank you.

The said community event was a mission on Altis (with mods/add-ons). I'll go check if I can dig up the server RPT logs

Edit: uploaded RPT log from 4-11-2014.

Edit2: uploaded RPT log + mission from Nopryl community event

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Uploaded arma3server_2014-11-04_19-46-16.rpt which I assume is the correct rpt file for the nopryl server.

@Iceman, do you have all the information to proceed?

Vanilla means "Without any mods" not just the map. Addons may seriously affect FPS in any case.

As Drakeziel says, all the rpt files contain mods loaded. Is it possible to disable them all and have a game started with official content only to confirm the issue?

We are aware of some performance drops introduced in the latest update but this confirmation would help us as well.


I was asked by Dwarden to upload the missions used + RPT files. I am just stating the obvious difference that THE ONLY THING changed from one day (v1.32) to the next day (v1.34) was the Arma version resulting in a 60% performance drop. Addons, player count, AI count, have NOT changed. This leads to the obvious conclusion that Arma3 is the cause of the drop. Sorry for caps but it seems I am not getting through. Several communities have noticed a similar performance drop with different modlines, maps etc. It seems the common dominator is Arma3 v1.34.

The SHAPE mission is featured on Takistan. Mission and scripts rely on add-ons. There is no easy conversion to a Vanilla version. The Nopryl community mission was done by someone else. It was featured on Altis so could perhaps could be vanilarized. Will ask the MM, Sjaba.

There were changes in the engines how to handle objects on older (now community) maps to prevent crashes. To rule out the possibility that these changes might have part in the issue, I am asking to try it on unmoded game. Dwarden, as our Online Services Technician, did well to ask you to bring the issue to the feedback tracker and I thank you for doing so. However, we cannot move forward unless we have elementary questions answered.

Thanks for clearing that up. The Nopryl Community event was on Altis, same performance issues there. Although various mods were used in this mission as well. I'll ask Sjaba to convert the mission into Vanilla. Like I mentioned before, the SHAPE campaign/missions cannot easily be converted into Vanilla as they are mod dependent.

As Iceman already asked, is it possible that you try running server without any community mods and missions? So no SHAPE campaign and no addons. Just run a server with any official arma 3 mission on 1.32 and then on 1.34 so you can confirm that this issue is happening to you also when not using any community mods or missions. Thank you

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