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Can't finish the Faction Showcase, but there are achievements for it?
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There is achievements called "Meet and Greet", but I can't seem to have that achievement unlocked when I already have enter each one of them and explored around.


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Upvoted. It still bothers me to this day that you can't complete faction showcases yet. An idea to get the showcases completed would be having to visit each area of the showcase. Or, if anything fails, make it like ArmA2 where to get the completation you just had to start the scenario.

i thought it was designed to never be completed.

The achievements have been fix in v1.34.128.075, but you can't have a green check mark at it still.

Fixed. The bugs was caused when v1.34 was rolling out.

Someone set this to closed

So, maybe there is some way to pass it by walking to some officer? Look in game manual in game menu, today evening i'll try too "pass" it :)

It can be finished, you havent readed description and this is how it finish. Walk to any map near any presentation - option will appear "open strategic map", click and find place named "exit" or "finish" and done. Ticket ready to close

Ticket not ready to be closed. The instructions on how to finish them (and appear as complete) should be clearer than that

IF i'm not a genius, ans opened showcase for the first time, its not so hard, beacuse i easly found them. Mep [M] is for some reason, and using it was allways recomended for clearly understand mission since Operation Flahpoint, and easiest passing it, with usefull tips. Ticket indeed ready to close. Its not Battlefield - go-kill-back - it force you to think and its very good.

go-kill-back? this is not a mission, its a FACTION SHOWCASE. its only purpose its to make a demo of each faction's units and equipment. There should be no reason to be forced to think there.

On pedestrian crossing you've got green light and red light - no need to think there as well, but one road-pirate can change this. Same with game, it need to force player to think, but i wasnt thinking long how to discover this strategic map, all is written in desription. Simply as possible....

is that so? in that case ive played the faction showcase when they didn't told you how to end it in the description

it seems you misunderstood me for calling me an idiot. I played the faction showcase BEFORE The update in wich they explained how to end them

The devs fixed this issue of "not having a green check" by adding a new option in the Strategic Map called Exit. Also I wasn't able to get the achievement because of the newer 1.34 was rolling out and newer achievements were also being added too.

Then sory. But now its fully working, ticket can be closed.

Mods? Can you have this ticket closed?

Still not closed?

Thanks for the info and your feedback. Marking as resolved.