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Arma 3 'Adapt' Campaign Mission 5 is bugged, I cant continue after eliminating all the guards.
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I have a problem with the campaign in the game. This is exactly the Arma 3 'Adapt' Campaign Mission 5 - Breaking Even. It's a mission where the player has to attack the enemy base under construction. When I attack the base, I'll do everything as it is. I Eliminate all enemy units and then just nothing happens. I watched the video where the player did exactly what I do and when All the enemy units were eliminated the main character reported an "area clear" and was able to continue in the campaign.I apologize for my grammar, I use Google Translate. Thank you for your attention, Ethiden.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt

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It is a common bug, I had it as well.

Unfortunately, one or two of the AAF guards clip into the rocks below the main guard tower, and as such you have to clip into the rock in order to kill them. See if it helps.

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It helped, thank you.

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this will be fixed in Tuesday's patch, sorry for inconvenience.

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