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US Plate Carrier Rig Kerry to be optimized with player name (also one available for all factions )
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Wearing the US Plate Carrier US Kerry allows us to see Kerry name written on Chest rig. Now with this feature player can should see their name on the chest rig looking the chest more realistic. Real battle real soldier real gears. {F25061}


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Would be a neat feature, though it would just be easier to add a new chest rig and backpack called (Name) instead of (Kerry) to avoid clogging up with the one worn by Ben Kerry in the campaign.

It would need some special consideration. how is XxX1337Y01o360nO5C0P3S247$WAGXxX going to fit his name in such a small area? Maybe it would be better to define a simple small last name.

Yeah i understand that thing i already had a big name in game almost like one =7Cav=SPC.Tandel.K but still you can get a option to optimize if got inside settings to put in profile section for optimizing this Chest rig . Making a new option with limited letters will allow us to produce this feature very well.

Most of the people i see doesnt keep that much big names only few people use them .

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This would be a splendid addition!

Shields added a subscriber: Shields.May 7 2016, 7:43 PM

I think this could be a lot more complex to do than we think.
Priority sure isn't high either, but if its not hard to do i don't see why not.

Good idea. I hope BIS will implement this kind of feature.