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Loadmaster of the Mi-290 Taru not functional
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I don't know, if it's just me, but the loadmaster isn't functional. You only can sit on the seat and look out of the windows. It isn't possible to load or unload the pods.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. open the editor
  2. create an Opfor Mi-290 Taru (f.e. medical or cargo) -> Control: player as gunner -> Special: "flying" -> Elevation: "50"
  3. preview the mission
  4. you can't do anything with the loadmaster

-get back to the editor
-give the Mi-290 Taru a name (f.e. "Test")
-set a waypoint (move) for the Mi-290 Taru
-write in the waypoint field "On Act" following line: Test flyinheight 10;
-preview the mission
-the ai will fly to the waypoint and will start to hover in 8 - 12 meters height
-the loadmaster still can only look out of the windows

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The loadmaster is eye candy (For now :D). People would complain if they couldn't sit there, though.

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The problem is, that you can't exchange pods/modules. We are not able to test that feature. I hope, it will work flawlessly on the release date (November 4th).

Thanks for the info Jonpas.

That's a shame. It seems, that it's now up to the modding community to solve the problem.

Well the main reason they are not implementing is because of AI, at least that's how I see it. And also because they want something more than what can be achieved with scripting only (attachTo).

But I believe simple design, land on top of it and attachTo to it, perfect for Coop without AI. Or if you want to be more complicated you can replace the vehicle with the one with correct pod, that would be suitable for AI as well, but involves many other things to worry about.
You could also make it so, start sling loading and then without detaching pull slings up and when the pod gets close enough use attachTo then, again perfect for Coop without AI.

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I believe the reason the loadmaster can't do anything is because he's there to only assist with slingloading.

The CH-67 Huron has a slingloading camera visible in the cockpit, which the Taru doesn't. As such, the loadmaster needs to relay information to the pilot to help with the slingloading.

It may have another purpose in the future, but for now it's only there for looks.

I don't understand why they are not doing it.

It is total nonsense about the "limitation of the engine" or "too complicated to overcome". They probably just don't feel like working on it. *cough* lazy *cough cough*

I have a nice video here that proves how good it works with the engine and that the pod is even perfectly attached to the Taru. It doesn't even look clumsy.

I think that the Taru's loadmaster should at least have the "Hook" option and be able to deploy the sling hooks. He could let the pilots concentrate on flying and deploy the hooks when the time is right.

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I feel your pain guys. "engine limitation"

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