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can't enter boat in Tipping point mission
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As in the title in the mission tipping point right at the end where all you have to do is get in the speed boat to finish the mission no option is presented to all you to board the boat.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Simply get to the end of the mission and you will not be able to board the speed boat. I have tried reloading from a previous save but it was the same result.

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i also have this problem, i have restarted the mission several times and still have the same result, i have the digital deluxe version, i have recorded it and uploaded a video on Youtube to help

Hi, I wasn't able to reproduce this issue. Are you playing with mods? Are you able to reproduce this issue even with no mods enabled? Could you please attach your save files? Thanks

Not able to load auto save data as to large for upload, can send via other means if needed, i have the digital deluxe version and have not changed any of the settings in regards to Mods, so i would imagine they are all active

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Hi, I have uploaded my save file. I also do not use any mods. I only bought and installed Arma 3 during the free weekend.

Thanks for the feedback!
This issue should be fixed in current version of dev branch. Fix should be a part of the next stable update.

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