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No command to add magazine to vehicle turret with specific ammo count
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I could be missing some non obvious way of accomplishing this.
But, it seems that there is no way to add a magazine on a vehicle turret with a specific amount of ammunition.

There is:


_tank addMagazineTurret ["SmokeLauncherMag",[0,0]];

But that does not take ammo count.

Ideally there should be a command similar to:

but that would work with vehicle turrets.


_vehicle addMagazineAmmoTurret [_magazine, _count, _ammo, _turret];

Sample usage:

_tank addMagazineAmmoTurret ["SmokeLauncherMag", 2, 5, [0,0]];


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heres an example of an already existing command: its not scripted pefectly, but its all there.

I am sitting in the commanders seat of the M2A4 Slammer UP:
((vehicle player) weaponsTurret [0,0] select 0)
Returns: "HMG_127_MBT"
(player) setammo ["HMG_127_MBT", 51]
HMG 12.7mm gun now has 51 rounds in current magazine.

I dont think it would ever be possible to set a magazines capacity since vehicles can only reload when magazine is empty.


Check out

What about setMagazineTurretAmmo? ATM available on dev only.


Without testing it, I cannot see how this command would work correctly for vehicles with more than one turret.

Take for example, the transport helicopter that has identical miniguns on each side. How would the command be able to distinguish which turret you want to add the magazine to?

EDIT: Seems that it only adds magazines on the first turret.

Thanks for the suggestion. Could you please add some documentation for the command?

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I'd suggest to extend current addMagazineTurret command instead:

Full magazine: <vehicle> addMagazineTurret [<magazine>, <turret_path>]
Custom magazine: <vehicle> addMagazineTurret [<magazine>, <turret_path>, <ammo>]