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Crash on client when DS spawns units
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Hi, this is a continuation of MP problems here:

In that ticket, I wa getting a crash on DS when HC connected. Now I get a crash on client when DS spawns in units (HC doesn't need to be connected).

Something must have changed over the weekend for this to happen.


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I'm not sure how it occurs, just that when the DS spawns in units, it crashes the client.

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Please see crash files

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the client tried to write in a read-only memory section.. how the f*** did you get your arma 3 to do that Oo

if this actually happened its kind of a big security issue

Wow I just had a quick look on Virtual Studio and it looks like exactly what you said.

Not sure how I managed to 'achieve' that!

thank you for submitting the issue, it has been assigned internally.

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Can you please provide the repro mission and exact steps? Seems like some of the models aren't loaded properly

Hi, repro is with BIS_iceman