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Surround audio glitch with the CH-67 Huron
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When someone disembarks/get in Huron there's some audio glitching in surround sound settings.


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Video how to do it:

Repro'able only with a surround-capable audio hardware (e.g. Logitech G35/G930, Razer Tiamat, Plantronics Gamescom 780).

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I'm using Logitech G930 Headset.

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have the same glitches, but also in othere vehicles, also in mod-addons. sounds for me like the audio-samples are in a wrong format ? or made with the wrong programm, kind of header is wrong.

I cannot reproduce the problem, the sound is clear for me. Are you using any other mods? It doesn't seem to be connected to the sample of disembarking.

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Video was made without mods.
You can hear first pop when the disembark starts, not a bad pop though, and at the end of the sound the two weird "prr prr" pops happen. It's must be related to the Huron's disembark sound sample because it's different than in other vehicles and I don't get that in any other vehicle.

I can stand small pops because it's very likely the Logitech's problem that I haven't yet found a solution for me but those two prr voices are too much :D
For example using my TV I don't hear those.

Do I understand right that it may be caused by Logitech device connected to your PC?

Could be. I've Logitech G930 headsets. I've tried all kind of drivers to see if this gets solved but it's the same no matter what LGS driver I've.

this problem with the sound-drops came after a gameversion i don´t remember really. since the new audiochanges in the new patch (stable/dev) the sound-drops in the mh-6 are gone. look at this video: it was before like this.

this addon for example has still the soundbug by lowering gear or flaps:

but also this addon had no soundbug in the patchversion i dont remeber sadly.

info: not just the gamesound is gone, all sounds from the whole system are gone, and coming back with a big rrrg rrrrg.

also a friend of mine with an creative usb-headset had this sound/drops. i do have a logitech g-35.

and that didn´t happen in older gameversions !!

Good to know I'm not the only one with this issue. I got to wonder how many different USB-Headsets have this problem. With you, Logitech is at least confirmed.

Thanks for the info. Could you please try to state when this happened? Also, if anyone else with different headset than already mentioned is affected, please add a comment here so we know for which ones we should look. Thanks a lot!

I just made my friend to test this same thing because he also has G930. He also got audio issues in the same case.

I just observed that same kind of audio issue also happens when someone gets inside the Huron but it's not as audible.

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Logitech G35 user here, experiencing this issue after today's update and glad I found this post because I hear the exact same thing. Never heard anything like this until today. Clearly a conflict with Logitech hardware, my keyboard (Logitech G15) would make a popping noise as well alternating between third and first person.

Updated the game version. Also more confirmations.

I asked again from another friend who's using G930. Same issue. That's two friends and me with same headsets plus some other people also with G35. I've tried multiple driver versions of Logitech Gaming Software and every one of them had the same issue. Even when I shut off LGS it still happens though.

Huron inside sounds must have something wrong or at least they're not good for Logitech which is pretty widely used brand (though not the best in all cases...).

as i said, i can´t remember the last stable build where these problems didn´t occure, but it happens since some changes in the audioengine.

maybe its something with the 7.1 surround, or its that the samples they where used have a wrong samplerate or made with an audiosoftware that puts information of the creator in the header and do it wrong.

a friend of mine confirmed it with the creative alpha taktic 3D headset.

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Im having audio issues as well. Havent seen this yet, but firing a helis HE gun continuosly will lag the game and audio will start crackling/popping.

Im having the same issues with a Razer Tiamat, and i used to have it with my Logitech G930. my sound glitch happens when i enter the vehicle for about 5 seconds. the glitch doesnt happen in third person.

Also Alex, reduce your audio sources by one level untill you no longer lag. only fix i have found for this so far

I have a similar issue using my Plantronics Gamescom 780, the problem doesn't occur when using speakers, only the headset.
I've included a video example here -

i also find out that the glitch is in first person. in 3rd person sound plays normal.
i useally do not play in 3rd person so i did not knew that before.

could it be a glitch in the "inside vehicle" surround ?

Exactly, can also approve that:

The crackling is only when the chopper is in 1st person and the engines are not touring up. When they are on max touring then the crackling is also gone.

My Audio:
Asus Xonar DGX (GX mode disabled)
some cheap Phillips Headphones

It's not only on my headphones, the same is with the integrated speakers of my monitor (Asus VE228HR)

Suffering from the same problem, using Gamecom 780's in 7.1

Still there. Makes Huron pretty annoying to use.

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I have the same problem, also G35 headset.

I am also getting this, as it my friend. We both have 5.1 or 7.1 systems. On mine when opening the pilot/co-pilot doors there is VERY loud static type noise that on my setup seems to come from the rear left speaker. Can supply full details if need be. Thanks.


Here's what I recorded. Used my webcam microphone to record so it picks up the noise rather than tries to record it into the video. ONLY comes out of the rear left speaker, that I can tell.

Just switched from an old Sennheiser PC350 headset, that used 3.5 mm. jack, to a Corsair Vengeance 1500 v2 gaming USB headset.

Now I have this very same audio problem in the Huron.

I have tried various audio settings in the game and switching between stereo, 5.1 and 7.1.

No noticable improvements.

Re-assigned. I already conveyed the issue (again) to Iceman.

It shouldn't be that hard to reproduce now, given all the videos and instructions here.

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up-Voted, i'm using 'Roccat Kaves' 5.1 surround and a realtek onboard soundcard...

Only happens in arma, only happens in first person, only happens with this specific DLC helicopter.

Call me an asshole but I'm going to speculate its not a hardware issue :)

Logitech G930 (but dont seems like it matters)

Yep fixed now. Seems like it needed to spread more to convince you guys to fix it :P

No it's not fixed, still there.

Asus Xonar DGX (with Uni Xonar Driver)
Superlux HD 685

It is also fixed for me, on the Dev branch!

Good job

Yeah, Jimmy meant dev branch, pretty sure. With some luck this still goes into 1.46.

i checked it, and it is fixed for me in the RC. have the logitech g-35.

Yes I meant fixed in dev-branch and likely in newest RC if that has came.

Oh you menat dev...

I also tested it now in dev branch, yep now it's fixed.

Iceman added a comment.Jun 8 2015, 8:54 AM

Don't worry, we are merging the fix also to 1.46. Closing as fixed.

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