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Dev Branch - Can't get access as a pilot, a co-pilot or a loadmaster in the new choppers (CH-67 Huron, Mi-290 Taru and M-900)
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I bought the DLC Bundle (release date) and can't get access to the chopper seats as a pilot, co-pilot or loadmaster in the new CH-67 Huron, Mi-290 Taru and M-900.

I always get the message, to buy that DLC.

At the moment it is not possible, to try out the new choppers and features for testing purposes.

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Karts DLC
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The latest changelog says:

"You may see DLC Content Licensing notifications even when you own the Supporter Edition or DLC Bundle."

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Same here.
Although you can set one of the helicopters as "Player", then you can fly around until you get out. I hope this gets fixed soon though.

Btw I own the DLC Bundle, so normally it should work.

Same. I own the DLC Bundle.

The only way right now is to script yourself in (Or spawn as player in the editor).

In chopper init field:
Pilot: player moveInDriver this;
Co-pilot: player moveInTurret [this, [0]];
Loadmaster: player moveInTurret [this, [1]];
Cargo: player moveInCargo this;

this is known issue for now, it will be resolved soon. Ownership of the DLC bundle is not transferred correctly, the issue is under investigation.

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The M-900 is accessible since the dev branch (1.35.127913)

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Resolved: Now you can use all the seats in the new choppers.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

Please PM me in BI Forums ( if you feel your bug was closed in error.

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Hello, have you encountered this issue again?

Seems to be resolved. Please close