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If helicopters turn upside down on the ground they blow up no matter what, even if allowDamage is set to false
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Helicopters fall through the ground when upside down then explode.


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Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enable advanced FDM.
  2. Fly in a helicopter.
  3. Land upside down.

Steps with allowDamage false:

  1. Enable advanced FDM.
  2. Fly in a helicopter.
  3. "vehicle player allowDamage false; player allowDamage false;".
  4. Land upside down.

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Also have noticed this, it just turns into a wreckage. Some trigger behind this which should not be too hard for Bohemia to remove...

They really should actually not explode if tipped over even without "this allowDamage False".

This applies exclusively to RTD objects (advanced FDM on)?

Benargee: Yes.

This should be handled like in ToH. Lose the main rotor and roll over. Depending on the speed of impact, it should hurt/kill the crew.

But the issue I think is, as a BIS Dev once stated, that as soon as the chopper collides with something, physicx engine will do the rest.

They also stated that Helicopter DLC didnt include an advanced damage model, so they rather have spend hours on hours to introduce AFM, but to make it usable is out of their scope.

Hoping for a fix.

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The equipment should not blow up from accident. Only the direct stroke of fire and the weapon can make it. Explosion from a spark at accident an exceptional case.
It is correct if the equipment after accident without survey blows up. Any person is able to switch-off the accumulator after accident, what to avoid ignition.

This glitch is extremely annoying. It should be assigned as major problem.

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Related to #0026690

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Jets too also ALWAYS explode! I've very rarely ever had any chance to eject, hence parachutes are basically useless when flying a jet. I figure my chances have been one in 500.

I've updated my Bug #26690, including possible solutions.

But just realizing too that jets suffer always exploding, seems to definitely insinuate this is bug is definitely a bug having a broader spectrum. I think I have opened a bug for the parachutes being useless when flying jets, or at least made mention within another bug at the very least in the past.

Aircraft have a tendency to disintegrate in mid air. "... And if the aircraft does disintegrate from around the pilots & passengers, usually the pilot & passengers are still alive and can deploy a parachute."

This mess is not merely limited to advanced flight model. It happens always, whether the helo is crewed or empty. Very annoying, should be assigned as major.