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The UGVs and their armed variants cannot be airlifted even though the UAV variants can be
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The title is pretty self-explanatory. Even though the heavy UAVs MQ4A Greyhawk, K40 Ababil-3 and their CAS variants can be airlifted, the UGV Stomper, UGV Saif and their armed variants can't be. I believe a cargo helicopter should be able to airlift the UGVs, as they don't weigh much more than the cars, and definetly not as much as the UAVs, which can be airlifted.


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In-game UGV is based on the Crusher UGV. Weight of this vehicle is significantly bigger (more than 4 tons, see: than weight of an average car (1-2.5 tons). Helicopters available currently in the game are able to carry up to 4 tons.

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